Thursday, November 3, 2011

Post Party at the Pumpkin Patch and Halloween

After the party wrapped up, we headed to the pumpkin patch! October was definitely a busy month for us and we had to cram all of our fall festivities in what time we had before Halloween! This is my favorite time of the year- the weather, colors, the decorations, creates the thought of it's almost Christmas, etc. Considering this, get ready for picture overload!

Hunter and Connor patiently waiting on the hay bales to ride the wagon to the pumpkin patch!

On our way! It's so hard to get everyone to look at the camera! At least Hunter is smiling, right?!

I LOVE this picture! I'm absolutely framing this one! These two have become best friends and I hope they remain close friends as they grow older.

Brody's first trip to the pumpkin patch! We had to wake him up when we got there-from the looks of it, he's still recovering from his party! :)

All smiles now that he has found a pumpkin! He had a great time beating on it!

Kase was so tired! Edwin and Lea Anne had to wake him up too! He was more excited about the tractor that brought us to the patch than the actual pumpkins!

The next weekend, we or should I say I, carved our pumpkins! Hunter had no desire to help me clean out the pumpkins-he gagged so hard last year, but being as boys will be boys, all he wanted was the itty bitty saw thing that comes with the pumpkin carving kit! He got a big NO on that one, so he helped Granna make Halloween cookies! He did pick out the pattern I carved, so he considered this one his pumpkin! On a side note, he has no shirt on because of the mess he made while making cookies!

It's only 30 something degrees outside, lets all go take a picture! Mother.Of.The. Year.

The next day was Halloween and this is the best shot I got of the two of them together! Of course, neither one of them is looking at the camera! :)

Could this child be any cuter?! I could eat him up with a spoon!

His costume cracks me up-I just love it! When we went trick-or-treating, numerous people kept saying, "What a cute girl!" ha He also got called a horse and zebra throughout the evening!

He is showing me that he is the number one Power Ranger!

As soon as Brett got home, we headed out! I had fed the boys pizza, put their costumes on, made a short trick-or-treat trip up our street to see our neighbors, and we were on our way to meet up with Connor and Cooper!

Cutest. Batman. Dinosaur. Red Power Ranger. Ever.

Let the fun begin! This is one of the two pictures I got of Hunter with his mask on! The majority of the time he wore it on top of his head. Also, instead of saying trick-or-treat, he would say, "Hi! My name is Hunter!" What a little stinker!

There's that cute little girl, again!! ;)

Can't leave home without that paci! It is going to be so hard to break him from this habit!

Looking at their loot! Two happy kids for sure!

Still going strong!

Happy as pie strolling around the neighborhood! I would say we trick-or-treated for a little over an hour and all of the boys did great!

I have no earthly idea what face he is making! All I know is that it makes me laugh!

Cooper wanted Katie to carry him! Everyone was starting to tucker out at this point, so we decided to head back home!

And, we are done! You can tell how tired they are, but they piped right back up when it was time to go through their candy!

It didn't stop there for us! We had to go to Papaw Eddie's house for a bonfire! We roasted hot dogs, marshmallows, and enjoyed the warm fire! Both boys fell asleep on the way home and Brett and I might have eaten a piece of their candy or two! ;) We had a wonderful Halloween with friends and family and now we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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