Thursday, July 29, 2010


I wanted to update everyone on my kidney situation. After researching the stent procedure the night before my surgery, I had mixed emotions about having it done. I called my doctor's office to let them know I didn't know if I wanted to do this anymore and that I wanted to talk to my doctor first. After talking with her for over 30 minutes, we decided together that I would try to control it with pain medicine.

The stent received more negative than positive feedback on medical websites and that scared me. My doctor did tell me that I would be uncomfortable for a short time and would experience certain symptoms from it. She said we were basically putting plastic tubing in a very sensitive area, my kidney and nine times out of ten, people do have issues with them. The reason we had even discussed doing this was to hopefully give me some relief and it is my only option since I'm pregnant. She said it could provide me with some relief, do nothing, or cause more pain. For now, I have decided to control it with medicine if I have an attack and she told me after I have Brody, I will have a whole other world of options! She is a wonderful doctor and I'm so glad my OB referred me to her.

On a happy note, I am having a girl's weekend in Pigeon Forge with four of my long time best friends. I will be sure to post pictures when I get back!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Prayers Please!

It's BACK! My kidney stone issue decided to come back on Wednesday and I was in the same excruciating pain as before. I called my OB and Urologist and somehow made it through the day/night without going to the hospital. I think I fought through the pain because I was getting sick even thinking about the IV-every time I have gotten one, it takes the nurse at least three times to get it in. I saw my doctor on Friday and they did another ultrasound of my kidney and you would not believe it! I have an obstructing kidney stone which basically means I am retaining all of my fluid in my right kidney. This stone has in essence caused a "dam" in my kidney. I saw the stone- it measures 1 cm and I am having surgery on Tuesday. She is going to put a stent in my right kidney to hopefully drain the fluid and flush the kidney stone into my bladder so I can pass it. Sounds fun doesn't it?! I will be in "Twilight" as she called it so I won't feel a thing. It's still enough to make me nervous though.

On a happy note, Brett and I celebrated our four year anniversary on Thursday. We weren't able to do much because of my pain, but we went out to eat and he sent me flowers, which I love. He is wonderful to me and I couldn't have married a better man! Here are a few of my favorite pics from our big day!

I'm looking forward to the next four years and many more! I have a very blessed and wonderful life!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Babies R Us!

I've registered! It's amazing what you still need when you are having the same sex! It was also nice to see how things have changed and advanced since we've had Hunter. I had a good time with the scanner and I felt like I was there forever! Brett and Hunter were napping, so my mother-in-law went with me. I made the comment to her when we were leaving that I was there longer registering with this one than I was with Hunter. She quickly pointed out that Brett had gone with me the first time! Men just don't have the patience/enjoy stuff like this, like we do!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday! It was my official six month check up! I feel like every time I turn around I'm going to the doctor or a specialist. As I sat in the waiting room, I wondered what appointment I was even at- then I clearly remembered! I am 25 weeks, 3 days today and my belly is measuring at 26 weeks! My next visit is the fun sugar drink/glucose test and then after it, I will start seeing my OB every two weeks! This pregnancy is really going fast!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Catch Up!

We are back from the beach! It's bitter sweet-I don't ever want to leave the beach, but it's nice to be back home and in our own bed! We had a blast and even stayed an extra day! Brett and I were able to have date night thanks to Viv and we had a nice evening- we ordered lobster tail and shrimp- yum! My mouth is watering thinking about it!
Here's our famous balcony picture! I have a little bump as you can see! I'm sorry to report the only family picture we have with Hunter is on the beach and in our bathing suits! It's not horrible, but it's not fun seeing yourself in a maternity bathing suit!ha Maybe I'll get the guts to share it!

We went down to the beach the night of the fourth and of course I dressed Hunter in khaki shorts and a white polo! I snatched him up while Brett was taking pictures and said 1-2-3- CHEESE! I am majorly cheesing in this picture, but I like it of us!

This is one of my favorite vacation pictures! I just think it looks neat and I've already ordered it to put in a frame! I have plenty more vacation pictures to put on here, but I just wanted to post a few while I play catch up!

I am now six months pregnant! Can you believe it?!?! He is constantly moving/kicking and sometimes Brett and I will sit on the couch and just watch my belly! It's amazing to watch him move! Brody now has developed a strong grip and can open and close his eyes! He can also hear loud noises, such as, Maddie barking or the vacuum cleaner.

I went to a Urologist today as a follow up to my unexpected hospital visit. BAD NEWS! Based off the tests they ran today, taking my dad's history into consideration with kidney stones, and reading my chart from the hospital, the doctor said she is about 100% sure that I still have a kidney stone :( TMI- I know, but there is apparently still a lot of blood in my urine and that is what was alarming to her. I'm not experiencing any pain or symptoms right now because the stone has moved and she believes whole heartedly that I have not passed it. I either will pass it on my own or have to have a procedure done when it flares up ( I end up in the hospital because of pain) again. Oh the joys! I have to follow up with her in December after I have Brody to do more tests. She wasn't able to run all of the normal tests today because of the baby and exposing him to radiation. She said if I haven't passed it by the time I have him, we need to figure out what to do or what is going on with my kidneys and bladder.

This weekend is our last wedding of the summer. Kevin, Brett's roommate from college is getting married! It will be nice to see some old friends from college. And then the last weekend in July is the big girl's trip! Several of my girlfriends from Madisonville are coming in and we have rented a cabin Pigeon Forge- I'm really looking forward to it!!! I don't think it can get here fast enough!