Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a Week and Weekend!

The hunt is finally over! What I didn't tell everyone on my last post is that following my doctor's appointment, we or should I say Brett decided to go car shopping! All I wanted to do was go eat at Red Lobster and on our way, he spotted a certain vehicle! I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee through college and for a few years after. It was a wonderful vehicle, until about the last year. It was in and out of the shop and we decided it was time to sell it! Since then, I have been driving the family's extra vehicle- my stepmom's Rav 4 while we searched for the right one! We knew that we wanted third row and all I wanted was leather- yes, I am spoiled to leather! We had decided that we wanted a Tahoe and had been waiting for the right deal to come along! We didn't get a Tahoe and here are the pictures you have been requesting Mom and Katie!

Our Cadillac Escalade

Hunter with his DVD player, which was a lifesaver this weekend! And yes, it has third row seating!

We looked at it Monday night and started the wheeling and dealing on Tuesday! Brett took off of work early and I was sick all day! I absolutely HATE car shopping- I told my mom I would rather give birth! She said she would ask me when October rolls around and I am in the delivery room! ha We got a great deal and it's everything we wanted and more!

Now the reason the DVD player was a lifesaver is because we had to travel to Madisonville, Kentucky (5 hours away) for a very dear friend's wedding! I have known Lauren since we were little and she lived right behind me growing up!

Brett and I before we got out in the torrential rain! We had strong winds, large hail in the area, the county sirens were going off ( yes, I grew up in that small of a town), and tornado warnings! We weren't going to miss the wedding though- the weather couldn't stop us, and luckily it stopped right before the wedding! I've always heard that it's good luck to rain on your wedding day, so Steven and Lauren are going to have the best marriage ever!

This is the only picture of me from the wedding and I stole it from Brandy's facebook page! We all brought our cameras and every picture that we took, one of us would hate! Oh, the joys of growing up! Layne (middle) and Brandy (right) are two of my best friends from home!

The happy couple- Lauren and Steven! I stole this from Lauren's facebook page! Lauren looked absolutely stunning! We all had a great time at the reception- they even had a candy bar and needless to say it has caused me to crave gummy bears now! We were all able to catch up with old friends and one of our friend's Clint, even busted out his Michael Jackson dance moves from high school- hysterical! Congrats Lauren and Steven and have a great honeymoon in Jamaica!

We had to leave early Sunday morning so I could be back in time for a Bridesmaid dinner! Another best friend of mine, Whitney, is getting married in May! We had a nice dinner and a great time! Then it was time to go home and unpack EVERYTHING! Yuck!

I did get a call today from my doctor's office to let me know that all of my blood work from my First Trimester Screening came back NORMAL! My odds of having a baby with Down Syndrome is one in 14,652. The odds of having a baby with Trisomy 18 is one in 32,492. It's always great to hear good news and like I have always said, we would love the baby no matter the circumstances!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow- we left on Thursday night for Kentucky instead of Friday so I had to reschedule my appointment from Friday. It is just a regular visit to check my weight (BOO), baby's heartbeat, belly growth, etc! We will, however, schedule my next appointment, which is when we will find out the sex! Woohoo! I'll let everyone know how my appointment goes and when the BIG day is!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Pictures

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and I'm glad to report that everything looks great! I had the ultrasound as part of my first trimester screening and I'm so glad I did this. Just for the fact that we got to see the baby and it actually looks like a baby now! He/she is very active and moved quite a bit during my appointment! According to the tech, I have a very cooperative baby because she got what she needed in five minutes for the screening! Lets just pray that the baby is as cooperative when he/she comes into this world! :o) She measured the fluid behind the baby's neck and looked for a fully developed nasal bone. The results were normal and the baby is right on schedule!

These are the ultrasound pictures the tech printed for us! The "bubbles" in the pictures are actually the umbilical cord. It was amazing to watch this little one and I can't wait to see more! Of course I asked if she could "guess" the sex of the baby. I'm sorry to report that she wasn't able to- she said it would have been better if I was at least 14 weeks. She tried for me though and I appreciated it!

We will know the rest of the test results from my blood work in two weeks so keep us in your prayers!

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's About Time!

It's a miracle! I am finally starting to feel better! I had a really rough day last week-it's the worst I have ever felt in my life! Luckily, I have great friends and family who offered to do anything and everything for me. My neighbor Amy even dropped a few things off for me on her lunch break.

I am hoping to get my energy back too considering Hunter wants to be outside 24/7! He can't just play in our yard either, we have to tour our whole neighborhood. It has been soooo HOT- 80's and 90's, but luckily this weekend it's suppose to be in the low 70's!

Today marks the last day in my first trimester! Can you believe I will be three months tomorrow?!?! It seems like this pregnancy is flying by, however, it seems like it is taking forever to get to my next doctor's appointment. I go on Monday and Brett is taking off of work to go with me!

This doctor's appointment is for my first trimester screening, which has to be done between 11 weeks 3 days and 13 weeks 6 days of your pregnancy. You may be asking why I am having this done. We didn't do this with Hunter, but my doctor with this baby likes for all of her patients to do this regardless of their age, family history, etc. This is where they tell you the odds/increased risk of your baby having Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18. We didn't do this with Hunter because they do get a lot of false positives. I didn't want to go through my pregnancy worrying all the time. Then I started to worry, what if I didn't do this? I felt like I was in a lose/lose situation. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed! And I got my answer!

I've never been the one to be at church and feel like what was being said was being said DIRECTLY to me. However, on March 28 the sermon was for me. We have a great pastor and the sermon was titled "A Biblical Worldview of Trials." The sermon eventually got to a point where a lady in the church had once said to him, "I don't think God would do this." She was speaking about her child with Down Syndrome. His response were scriptures in the sermon notes: Psalms 139:13-14 "For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well." Exodus 4:11 " So the Lord said to him, " Who has made man's mouth? Or who makes the mute, the deaf, the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the Lord?" Romans 8:28 " And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose." God has a reason for everything, he doesn't' have to tell us the reason, but there is a reason. I got my answer- I'm going to see my baby and to be honest that's all I really want out of this appointment!

Let me clarify, I do not feel like I am having a child with Down Syndrome or Trisomy 18. My heart was just heavy on this issue and I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I wanted to know if I was at an increased risk because I tend to worry a lot. One thing I do know is that no matter what this baby is we will love him/her and he/she was made by God!

I spoke with a lot of friends and family about this and whether you agree/disagree with our decision, I just ask that you continue to pray for our growing family.

I will post ultrasound pictures on Monday and I hope everyone has a great weekend! Did I mention this is our last free weekend until the second weekend in June?! Yes, we have a crazy summer and something to do every weekend until then! It will make this pregnancy go by fast though!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Belly

Here it is! A picture of my baby belly or should I say baby bump! It's not the most glamorous, and it's taken with my iPhone obviously, but it's the best I can do for now! I feel like I am in the stage of, is she fat or pregnant?! All I know is that I am definitely going to get into maternity clothes quicker with this one! I didn't get into true maternity clothes until I was five months along with Hunter. This means I wouldn't get into maternity until June with this one, which is soooo not going to happen! I see maternity clothes happening in the month of April! :o)

Baby belly at 10 weeks!

Baby Spradlen received his/her first gifts! Granna Viv bought the baby Pooh and Tigger for Easter! They are too sweet!

During this month, all of baby Spradlen's internal organs are formed, even if they are immature. Bones and muscles are starting to grow to surround these tiny, fragile organs. The baby's external parts are taking shape- swellings on the sides of the neck show where the ears will be, eyelids, the start of lips on a mouth that can already open and close, and a bit of a nose are beginning to form. The baby is all of about two inches long and weighs a little less than an ounce!

A lot of people have been asking when we will find out the sex of the baby! I believe we will find out the last week in May, which is perfect! It's around Hunter and Brett's birthdays- great present right?! Also, that weekend is Memorial Day weekend, so bring on the shopping! We will be in BIG trouble if it's a girl- Memorial Day Sales = Lots of shopping! Either way, boy or girl, I'm sure I will shop til I drop!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Pictures

It's Easter picture overload! We had a great day and of course I felt sick 90% of it. At one point, I had to tell Brett to quit talking to me because I thought I was going to be sick! I had to lay down and close my eyes for a few minutes! Brett has been great to me through all of my sickness and has even gone to the store at 10:30 at night for me! Enjoy the pictures of our handsome little man!

All dressed and ready for church!

Smiling for mommy! It was gorgeous outside!

I had to include a picture of our Yorkie, Maddie! She loves to be outside and as you can probably tell, her and Hunter share lunch together frequently! :o)

I thought this was a sweet picture!

Brett came outside and Hunter was so excited! Notice that Hunter has filled Thomas with his jellybeans!

Look at that sweet and innocent face! It will probably save him from getting in trouble when he's older!

We ate lunch, changed clothes, and we're off to hunt eggs!

Found two- he was so excited!

This is his buddy Coal! Hunter wanted to make sure that he was included in the egg hunt!
Every time he found an egg, he would say" There's one, I'll get it!" He was too cute and so much fun this Easter!

There are no pictures of Hunter's Easter basket :0( The Easter Bunny came around midnight and was exhausted! Instead of taking pictures on Easter morning, the bunny opted for the video camera to catch the excitement! Needless to say Hunter wasn't disappointed with his Max & Ruby DVD, new Thomas train, and candy! We were disappointed that we had to miss the family egg hunt. We are blessed to have Brett's family so close and the egg hunt was at 4:00pm- I was sick (shocker) and Hunter was asleep! I never dreamed he would take a nap with all the sugar he had consumed, but I won't complain since it gave me time to rest too.

On a funny note, as everyone knows I love chocolate! Although as I was digging in all of the Easter candy, I realized I preferred to eat jelly beans this year! This is so not like me- the chocolate would be gone first and then the jellybeans! It's funny what pregnancy will do to you!

And Layne, I promise I will put a belly picture up on my next post! It will probably be one from my cell phone that isn't so glamorous! By the time Brett gets home from work, I'm in comfy clothes, usually sick, and have no desire to have my picture taken! It is definitely true that you start showing quicker with the second one!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter everyone! We had a wonderful weekend full of "eggciting" things for Hunter to do! We started it off by coloring and decorating eggs last night! Hunter decided to try a spoon full of vinegar Easter water, who knows why, and needless to say he gagged, which in turn made me gag!

Let the fun begin!

Having an "eggcellent" time!

Who needs an egg dipper when you have your hands? Luckily this all washed off before church the next day!

The Finished Product!

I don't know if you can see it in the pictures well, but Hunter gave himself an Easter egg a.k.a. goose egg on the right side of his forehead earlier in the day. He was dancing and spinning in circles and got a little dizzy. He went head first into his kid table! He's a trooper and five minutes after doing it, he was up and dancing again!

I will post Easter pictures tomorrow! This was all I could do tonight and I know this was a much needed update! I'm still not feeling well and cannot wait for this to go away- all though every moment of it is worth it! Happy Easter!