Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Belly

Here it is! A picture of my baby belly or should I say baby bump! It's not the most glamorous, and it's taken with my iPhone obviously, but it's the best I can do for now! I feel like I am in the stage of, is she fat or pregnant?! All I know is that I am definitely going to get into maternity clothes quicker with this one! I didn't get into true maternity clothes until I was five months along with Hunter. This means I wouldn't get into maternity until June with this one, which is soooo not going to happen! I see maternity clothes happening in the month of April! :o)

Baby belly at 10 weeks!

Baby Spradlen received his/her first gifts! Granna Viv bought the baby Pooh and Tigger for Easter! They are too sweet!

During this month, all of baby Spradlen's internal organs are formed, even if they are immature. Bones and muscles are starting to grow to surround these tiny, fragile organs. The baby's external parts are taking shape- swellings on the sides of the neck show where the ears will be, eyelids, the start of lips on a mouth that can already open and close, and a bit of a nose are beginning to form. The baby is all of about two inches long and weighs a little less than an ounce!

A lot of people have been asking when we will find out the sex of the baby! I believe we will find out the last week in May, which is perfect! It's around Hunter and Brett's birthdays- great present right?! Also, that weekend is Memorial Day weekend, so bring on the shopping! We will be in BIG trouble if it's a girl- Memorial Day Sales = Lots of shopping! Either way, boy or girl, I'm sure I will shop til I drop!

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  1. Ali, you look as beautiful as ever! Love the baby bump and can hardly wait to find out if I'll have a grandson or granddaughter! Maybe we need to plan a May/June shopping spree? Love you bunches xoxox