Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hunter!!!

We had a wild and crazy week and weekend! Hunter graduated preschool this week and turned four on Saturday! Can you believe it?! We kicked off the day with a pizza party for him at Mr. Gatti's! I must say it has been the least stressful party of his so far- they took care of everything and we had the best party host! She was such a help to me and told me not to worry about a thing, so I didn't!

Let the chaos begin! After everyone ate their pizza, we let Hunter rip into his presents!

He absolutely loves getting mail, so the cards were a plus for him. He goes to the mailbox with me every day and gets so excited if there is something for him! He sings a song about it!

His special present from Daddy- his first real football! Hunter starts flag football this fall which we are all really excited about.

The loot! :) Cole is helping out in all of the mess! It looks like Christmas at our house!

The Thomas cupcake cake! It worked out so well and I didn't have to worry about cutting the cake! I think we will stick to this type from now on!

Some of the kids getting ready to sing happy birthday! I think they were more interested in getting a cupcake though! ha

Sweet Kase eating a cupcake! He's going to be a big brother anyday now- our first neice, Kinsley will be here in June!

This sweet monkey was a trooper all day and he turned seven months old on Sunday! It was a big weekend for all us! We ended Hunter's birthday with his tee ball tournament and dinner at Chili's!

Thanks to Lori for taking all of the pictures in the party room so I could soak up these moments with Hunter! I forgot to take pics of the kids in the gameroom-oops!

Speaking of birthdays, Brett's is right around the corner! I'm trying to pull off a huge surprise for him, so wish me luck! :) Don't worry- he doesn't read my blog!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day- little late :)

I know it's a little late, but I wanted to share with you all what I got for Mother's Day! The week before Mother's Day, Hunter came home from school with yellow paint on his pants, so I knew I was getting something special! These things will be cherished forever and Hunter was so proud when he gave them to me! This is the best part of preschool for me!!!

Hunter and Brody also sent me flowers!!! I am one spoiled mommy!

Hunter will be four this weekend and Brody will be seven months!!! Can you believe it?! I am so blessed to be the mommy to two, wonderfully made boys! I bet you can't guess what my next blog will be?! ha

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Six Month Stats

Weight: 15 lbs, 15 oz (25%)

Length: 27.5 in (80%)

Head: 16.9 in (25%)

Brody had his six month appointment last week! Can you believe he is six months old?!?! I can't! His appointment went well and he is one growing boy! He is starting the beginning stages of crawling, so things are about to get real interesting!


Eats four to five ounces of milk every four hours. He will NOT eat more than five ounces at a time- we've tried! And when you're nursing, you don't want to waste what you have pumped! I'm sure all of you nursing moms or who have nursed understand!

Eats one to two jars of baby food a day! We are working on starting a breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule with baby food!

Naps every three/four hours for about two hours. He sleeps longer if I hold him.

Wears size two Pampers and six month clothing. He can wear some nine month stuff because of his length.

Teething- can see the bottom one or hard knot on his gum, I guess you would call it.

Reaches for me and will start to cry if I pass by and someone else is holding him!

Loves his jumperoo-new favorite toy

While this is totally off subject, I wanted to share with you all that Hunter got his first homerun in tee ball! I was so proud of him and he ran to me in the dugout and said, " I did it!" The team gave him high fives and even some of the parents came over to tell him good job and to give him high fives! It was a great moment that none of us will ever forget! He's growing up so fast and before we know it, Brody will be getting his first homerun in tee ball too!