Sunday, January 30, 2011

When I Grow Up...

I received some new artwork for my fridge this week! This month at preschool, they are discussing what I want to be when I grow up. They have had numerous guests, such as, dentists, firemen, policemen, etc. This past Thursday, they asked each child what they wanted to be and Hunter said a daddy!

They were giving out props for each picture, so Hunter got to use a baby doll! I had to take a picture of a picture, so I don't think you can see how much he is cheesing here! His teacher said she just knew he said that because of his baby brother, but I also think he might have meant it as I want to be like my daddy! Either way, it warmed my heart!

This same day, we got out home videos of him and he kept saying, "There's Hunter!" He was two and I kept thinking, "I want that back!" I could have sobbed for hours because I want to know where the time went! He looked so little and it's hard to believe he will be four in May!
It's so true when they say, cherish every moment because they're not little for long!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ta Da!!!

We have a nursery! As everyone knows, you can have a plan, but your plans might not always work out! Our goal was to finish Brody's nursery the weekend before I was to be induced and instead I had him the Friday of that weekend! His room wasn't near complete, so needless to say, it has been challenging to find the time to finish it. We finally finished painting and got his furniture put into place. I LOVE it and I think Brett did a great job!

I had originally planned to use the same bedding that I had with Hunter, but changed my mind once I saw this! Hunter had a little builder theme with trucks, cars, etc. This time I wanted no theme and something classic. I think it looks great! And of course, I had to caddy corner the crib, which I love. I will have to move it, once he can stand because he will be able to reach the blinds. I still have to find a curtain- like I said, it's a work in progress :)

This is the same baby furniture we used with Hunter. Hunter got big boy furniture last year and is enjoying his big boy room. I plan to buy some frames to hang Brody's newborn pictures over the changing the table.

The nightstand, which needs a lamp, but is currently where I am putting some toys. We had the glider in the nursery with Hunter, but I have opted to keep it in the family room, so we can spend more time out there with the family.

A picture to show off my wonderful husband's idea of using bead board. He cut, painted, and nailed every piece. He worked so hard and put many hours into this.

Sorry the pictures are so blurry. It's much easier to snap a quick picture with my iPhone. I love the nursery and couldn't be more pleased.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Fun!










It snowed two to three inches in our neighborhood this past week and we have had a blast! Brett's work closed one day and he was on a four hour delay the next, so it was nice to have him home more than normal. Hunter would have played outside all day if we would have let him and Brody experienced the snow for about five minutes! I must say though, that I am looking forward to warm weather! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Month Check Up!

Brody had his two month check up on Thursday! I was excited to see how much he weighed and not excited about the fact that he had to get his first shots! He cried and screamed really hard when he got them, which made me sick/weak at my stomach. You know how they say mothers can differentiate between cries?! Well, I had NEVER heard this cry from Brody, so it broke my heart! I was able to calm him down quickly and he was fine. After having children, I now realize when my mother said, "I would take your place in a heartbeat," she honestly meant it! Now, onto the good stuff from the appointment!

-Weight: 12 lbs 3.5 oz (50th percentile) I honestly thought he would be above average with all of his rolls!

-Length: 23 3/4 in (45th percentile)

-Head Circumference: 15 3/4 (45th percentile)

-Drinks 4 to 5 ounces every three hours

-Wears size one Pampers Swaddlers

Milestones/Things he likes: Smiles all of the time, coos, starting to laugh, rolls from back to belly, watches and follows with eyes, sleeps through the night, and LOVES to take a bath :)

We are so blessed to have a happy, healthy baby!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Brotherly Love

I hope these two grow up to be the bestest of friends! So far, I think they are on the right track!

I had to inlcude this one- Brody's face is priceless!

Helping with his paci!

He fell asleep with his arm in Brody's seat! I think he was helping with the paci!

Hunter has been such a big help with Brody! I love these two, little boys more than anything and feel so blessed to be their mommy!