Monday, February 28, 2011

Four Month Check Up!

Brody had his four month appointment on Thursday and I'm glad to report that everything went well. He had many firsts this past week, which I will share with you all below!

All smiles at the beginning of the appointment. Little did he know, he would be getting three shots in his little leg! He did better this time and only cried for a few seconds, which made it easier on mommy.

Loving on his blanket! He loves rolling around with it and holding onto it!

And here he is in his new exersaucer for the first time! I'm proud to say that I put this together all by myself! It only took all day, but I did it! It's hard to get things accomplished when you're trying to entertain a three year old and four month old!

Spinning around in it! He had to check out all of the toys! Hunter loves this as well and he likes to show Brody all of the things that make noise!

He also tried his first food- rice cereal and he LOVES it! I was expecting a sour face, gagging, but no, he gobbled it all up! Hunter loved feeding him. He is such a big help!

What a mess, but he didn't care! Everytime the spoon came near his mouth, he opened it wide up!

Hunter didn't like the mess though! He kept wiping Brody's face with his hand!

He would also wipe him with his bib and sing the clean up song! ha It was too funny!

All smiles with a full belly of rice cereal! Hunter took a bite and decided to stick to his own food!

Stats/Milestones from his appointment:
Weight: 14lbs 5 ozs (50%)
Length: 25 3/4 in (75%-90%)
Head: 16.3 in (25%-50%)
Eats 5-6 ounces every three to four hours
Pampers diapers size 2
Rolls back to belly constantly
Still doesn't like tummy time
Loves taking a bath
Loves to sleep (major plus for us)
Enjoys laughing at Hunter
Follows us with his eyes
Favorite toy: Baby Einstein ball Mimi bought him

Just a few things to keep everyone updated! It's hard to believe my sweet baby is four months old! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

If it was the year 2010, two days ago I would have found out I was expecting!!! I remember going to Kainaan's (Hunter's best friend) birthday party on February 6th and on the way I had a spell of nausea. I remember thinking, "I'm pregnant!" What some of you may not know is I took a pregnancy test at the earliest date possible and it came back negative! I waited three days and took another one and it immediately showed PREGNANT! I called Brett at work (no, I didn't wait for him to get home) to tell him the good news- he was ecstatic and so was I! I immediately purchased this calendar to track my pregnancy because I used the same exact one when I was pregnant with Hunter.

Everyone that knows me well, knows that I love keepsakes! I know the boys probably won't appreciate these when they're older, but maybe their wives will :) According to today's date, we told close family and friends. Hunter wore a big brother shirt for the reveal here, we sent picture messages to other family members and made phone calls! It was a wonderful day!

I enjoy reading these and am thankful that I have these memories written down! We are blessed and its hard to believe it's been a year! We say we are finished, but I have a feeling we will have a third one. And no, I'm NOT pregnant!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We started celebrating Valentine's Day last Thursday! Hunter had a pizza party at school and I am happy to report he received all 5's (highest you can get) for behavior and listening! He ripped open his treat bag as soon as we got home!

He also got Valentine's Day mail from his Mimi (my mom) and Aunt Judy! I'm not sure where he put the card from Aunt Judy! His Lightning McQueen card plays Life is a Highway from the movie Cars! I've only heard it five million times!

Finding more treasure, as he calls it, in his bag! He had cards, candy, stickers, games, etc.

Singing with his card. He loves this movie and we are looking forward to Cars 2, which comes out in June!

Brody's all smiles with his first Valentine's Day! He got Valentine's Day mail as well!

This is how he looks most of the day! Something is always in his mouth! It's either his fist, thumb, his lovie, paci- I think we are beginning the process of teething!

What a cutie! I couldn't stop taking pictures and I have about five hundred more I could have put on here!

He is such a happy baby! He is really starting to laugh a lot and he loves to watch Hunter and when he does something silly, Brody just cracks up!

CHEESE!!! Hunter kept saying, "Take my picture!" His smile says it all!

A favorite! I just kept snapping away! He's not always the best with getting his picture made! He's usually too busy!
A sweet look! He got a scratch on his nose and later in the night we discovered he had a black eye! He did it at school somehow and the teacher said she didn't know what happened! He never cried about it to us, he just kept pointing to it! He's all boy, so there is no telling what happened

Another fabulous smile! As for the containers in the background- Brett got in the attic the other night and brought down seven of them full of Hunter's old clothes! He informed me that it was ridiculous and that I needed to go through them to see what I wanted to save for Brody and what I wanted to sell/donate! I informed him that apparently at the time I did it, I wasn't ready to let go. I'm happy to say I did go through them and made a nice dent! We have three less! ha

After meeting Brett at Chick-Fil-A for dinner (one of Hunter's favorites) before he went to class, we ventured to Granna's (Brett's mom) for more Valentine's day fun! Hunter couldn't wait to dig through his bag and Brody's!!!

Trying to open up his M&M's! It's his favorite candy and he always expects Granna to have some on hand for him!

Looking at his new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video! We are having to take it back though because he already has it! Viv and I horrible at remembering what DVDs we have at home.

And lastly, my Valentine's Day surprise! Flowers from my honey! He spoils me and I absolutely love them! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's because the Spradlen family sure did! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bye Bye Pull-Ups!!!

So this post is going to be somewhat of a hodge podge! We had a great week and I had a proud mommy moment! Let's just say potty training has been hard, frustrating, no fun, etc. I think you all get the point! Hunter has been in big boy underwear for a while, but I was still sending him in a pull-up to school! I just didn't have the courage, but I should have had more faith!

His report card is a little blurry, but he had an excellent day and went to the potty all day! I was so proud of him and I should have sent him in his big boy underwear a long time ago! I know this is a little personal, but I am so proud and my close friends and family know how long I have struggled with this! Now, onto his best friend Kainaan's birthday party at the aquarium!

At touch a sting ray bay! Hunter enjoyed sitting on the rocks, but had no desire to touch one!

It was dark when I took this picture, so that's why Brody has the deer in headlights look :) He's getting so big and now "hangs" onto his bottle!
Riding in the tunnel looking at all the fish and sharks! It's such a neat place!
Hunter amazed by the fish and all of the creatures! They even had a piece of the tunnel showing where a shark attack had happened! Our tour guide told us that it was the first day the aquarium opened and the sharks weren't use to the noise and surroundings, so some of them beat against the tunnel causing some damage!

We kept calling each shark Bruce from Finding Nemo, so here is Bruce :)

The birthday boy and Hunter! I love pictures taken from behind! Still riding in the tunnel!

At the penguin playhouse! You can crawl through tunnels to be up close and personal with the penguins! It was a very neat exhibit!

A shot of some of the penguins! You could tell they were use to people because they would hang around the tunnels and tubes!

I tried to get Hunter to stand by the penguin, but of course he was too busy!

And of course he got gifts from the gift shop! We bought him a marine biologist hat ( I think he looks more like a coal miner) and Granna bought him trucks! We are suckers :)

I hope everyone has a great week!