Monday, February 21, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

If it was the year 2010, two days ago I would have found out I was expecting!!! I remember going to Kainaan's (Hunter's best friend) birthday party on February 6th and on the way I had a spell of nausea. I remember thinking, "I'm pregnant!" What some of you may not know is I took a pregnancy test at the earliest date possible and it came back negative! I waited three days and took another one and it immediately showed PREGNANT! I called Brett at work (no, I didn't wait for him to get home) to tell him the good news- he was ecstatic and so was I! I immediately purchased this calendar to track my pregnancy because I used the same exact one when I was pregnant with Hunter.

Everyone that knows me well, knows that I love keepsakes! I know the boys probably won't appreciate these when they're older, but maybe their wives will :) According to today's date, we told close family and friends. Hunter wore a big brother shirt for the reveal here, we sent picture messages to other family members and made phone calls! It was a wonderful day!

I enjoy reading these and am thankful that I have these memories written down! We are blessed and its hard to believe it's been a year! We say we are finished, but I have a feeling we will have a third one. And no, I'm NOT pregnant!

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  1. Sweet! I remember you calling me late in the evening - much later than usual. I thought something big must be going on and Katie happened to be over here to hear the great news with me! Yay for a third one in the future. I love you all. xoxox