Monday, February 28, 2011

Four Month Check Up!

Brody had his four month appointment on Thursday and I'm glad to report that everything went well. He had many firsts this past week, which I will share with you all below!

All smiles at the beginning of the appointment. Little did he know, he would be getting three shots in his little leg! He did better this time and only cried for a few seconds, which made it easier on mommy.

Loving on his blanket! He loves rolling around with it and holding onto it!

And here he is in his new exersaucer for the first time! I'm proud to say that I put this together all by myself! It only took all day, but I did it! It's hard to get things accomplished when you're trying to entertain a three year old and four month old!

Spinning around in it! He had to check out all of the toys! Hunter loves this as well and he likes to show Brody all of the things that make noise!

He also tried his first food- rice cereal and he LOVES it! I was expecting a sour face, gagging, but no, he gobbled it all up! Hunter loved feeding him. He is such a big help!

What a mess, but he didn't care! Everytime the spoon came near his mouth, he opened it wide up!

Hunter didn't like the mess though! He kept wiping Brody's face with his hand!

He would also wipe him with his bib and sing the clean up song! ha It was too funny!

All smiles with a full belly of rice cereal! Hunter took a bite and decided to stick to his own food!

Stats/Milestones from his appointment:
Weight: 14lbs 5 ozs (50%)
Length: 25 3/4 in (75%-90%)
Head: 16.3 in (25%-50%)
Eats 5-6 ounces every three to four hours
Pampers diapers size 2
Rolls back to belly constantly
Still doesn't like tummy time
Loves taking a bath
Loves to sleep (major plus for us)
Enjoys laughing at Hunter
Follows us with his eyes
Favorite toy: Baby Einstein ball Mimi bought him

Just a few things to keep everyone updated! It's hard to believe my sweet baby is four months old! :)

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  1. The grandest grandsons are SO precious. I love that Hunter feeds Brody and cleans him up! Brody is growing so quickly and doing so many new things!

    Ali, I am so proud of you! You are a wonderful mommy (Teep)to those 2 sweets sons. You make my heart swell up with love and pride. Looks like all those years playing with your baby dolls paid off :o) I love you. XO