Monday, February 7, 2011

Bye Bye Pull-Ups!!!

So this post is going to be somewhat of a hodge podge! We had a great week and I had a proud mommy moment! Let's just say potty training has been hard, frustrating, no fun, etc. I think you all get the point! Hunter has been in big boy underwear for a while, but I was still sending him in a pull-up to school! I just didn't have the courage, but I should have had more faith!

His report card is a little blurry, but he had an excellent day and went to the potty all day! I was so proud of him and I should have sent him in his big boy underwear a long time ago! I know this is a little personal, but I am so proud and my close friends and family know how long I have struggled with this! Now, onto his best friend Kainaan's birthday party at the aquarium!

At touch a sting ray bay! Hunter enjoyed sitting on the rocks, but had no desire to touch one!

It was dark when I took this picture, so that's why Brody has the deer in headlights look :) He's getting so big and now "hangs" onto his bottle!
Riding in the tunnel looking at all the fish and sharks! It's such a neat place!
Hunter amazed by the fish and all of the creatures! They even had a piece of the tunnel showing where a shark attack had happened! Our tour guide told us that it was the first day the aquarium opened and the sharks weren't use to the noise and surroundings, so some of them beat against the tunnel causing some damage!

We kept calling each shark Bruce from Finding Nemo, so here is Bruce :)

The birthday boy and Hunter! I love pictures taken from behind! Still riding in the tunnel!

At the penguin playhouse! You can crawl through tunnels to be up close and personal with the penguins! It was a very neat exhibit!

A shot of some of the penguins! You could tell they were use to people because they would hang around the tunnels and tubes!

I tried to get Hunter to stand by the penguin, but of course he was too busy!

And of course he got gifts from the gift shop! We bought him a marine biologist hat ( I think he looks more like a coal miner) and Granna bought him trucks! We are suckers :)

I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I am so happy you keep up with your blog, Ali. It keeps me closer to the grandest grandsons! :)

    Great pics of those handsome boys~ love Hunter's hat. xo

  2. Yay for Hunter and for you!!! So happy you don't have to deal with that stress anymore!! I'm already getting anxious about it, b/c I don't see how it could be an enjoyable experience at all, so good work mommy!! Brody is getting so big!!