Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hunter's First Field Trip

Hunter went on his first school field trip this past Tuesday! Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, I was able to go to the zoo with him. Since the church asked the focus to be on the three pre-k classes going, they preferred younger siblings not attend. She kept Brody for me and I'm so thankful I was able to be there to share in this moment!

The kids were so excited about riding the bus! For some of them, it was more exciting than the zoo!

I have to admit, as I followed the bus there, I had a lump in my throat! I could have easily cried. I just couldn't believe my Hunter was on that bus! Is he that old? Is it really time for his first field trip?!

He was so excited when he saw me! He said, "Teep, I'm so glad you're here!" For those of you who don't know, he calls me Teep-rhymes with keep. He no longer calls me mom, mommy, or mama- it's Teep! We have no idea where he got it from and we can't think of anything remotely close to the name Teep. It's my special name from him, so I'll take it!

Looking at the elephants with Cade. He was in Hunter's class last year.

Zebras- the animal Hunter wanted to see the most!

Playing on the Safari Jeep with his class!

Watching the Swinger Monkey! I must say it was so entertaining to watch and we stayed there for a good 20 minutes! The kids would just laugh and it was so neat to watch the monkey swing from tree to tree.

George himself entertaining all of us!

Still watching! They were amazed by him and so was I!

Love this picture of us-just wish he was looking at the camera!

His teacher, Mrs. Rachel!

Such a ladies man! Such a cute picture with Lexie, Ava, and Caroline!

He was so excited about the Rhino being so close! He kept telling me to take it's picture, not his!

The last stop on our trip was the playground! Hunter enjoyed playing in the sand the rest of the time.

Class picture! A few classmates missed the trip because of illness.

All the kids and parents had a wonderful time and it's something I will never forget! Sweet memories!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Who Loves Spaghetti?

Brody!!! What a cute mess! Enjoy the pics!

Full belly, sweet dreams! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monkeying Around

Brett took Hunter to his first UT game on Saturday! While the older boys were gone, Brody and I had some quality time together and I was able to snap some cute pictures!

His new sock monkey hat for the fall! I purchased an owl one too, but I didn't get any pics of him in it.

When you say hello, whether he has a phone, remote control, or whatever, he automatically puts it up to his ear. Brett says he must have learned this from me!ha

Getting ready to leave for the UT game! Only if I could change his shirt to blue since it's such a good picture! I know in my heart he bleeds blue!!! :)

This child loves popcorn! It's a must for him at every event! This is the only pic Brett got of Hunter from the game. His phone died! What is up with us and our electronics?!

When they got home, Hunter wanted to go outside and play football! I guess he was still pumped up from the game. Brody loved holding the football, so maybe we will have another football player on our hands!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hunter's First Week of Pre-K

Went GREAT! He has been so excited about starting school this year! He went to bed early and had a fantastic morning. Everyone got up at 7:30 and started the day with breakfast and a bath.

Brushing his teeth after his bath. He kept asking me if it was time to leave.

His first day of school picture. He's holding a monster truck- it had to be in the picture too. My mom use to take our first day picture in front of our front door, so I figured I would carry on the tradition!

Time for school! We changed Hunter's car seat to a booster recently, so he really is becoming a big boy!

Thumbs Up! I'm so happy he let me snap all of these pictures of him. After about two or three, he usually informs me that that's enough!ha

I don't have any pictures of his classroom or teachers. They do a car line, so I don't even get out of the car. When I pulled up, Hunter got out of the car with no hesitation, told me he loved me (love you too), I told him to have a great day, and he said, "OK, bye!" I didn't cry this year, but I definitely had a lump in my throat.

Brody and I have spent our days grocery shopping, eating lunch with friends, cleaning the house, napping, and playing. It seems so quiet when Hunter isn't around. I sure do miss him when he's gone, but I know he is learning, making friends, and having fun! It's just hard to let go!