Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read All About It...

My best friend, Kilee is pregnant and I'm gonna shout it! KILEE IS PREGNANT!!! I'm ecstatic for her and her husband, Matt. She is due October 13th! I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby! She thinks it's a girl! Kilee and Matt on their wedding day! Aren't they a gorgeous couple?! They will have been married for five years in July and this is their first baby!
I stole this picture off of facebook, so I'm not really sure who's baby this is! ha I just wanted to show how natural she looks with a baby and I know she is going to be a fantastic mom!

Here she is with Brody at Christmas! Hunter calls her Aunt Kilee and so will he :) We have been best friends since preschool so it stinks that I live so far away (she still lives in the town where I grew up), but I talk to her about every day. Her pregnancy is going well and she just stays tired right now!

She's coming to visit this weekend and I can't wait! We are going to go shopping for her and the baby! I'm looking forward to a girls weekend and so is she! Maybe we will have to get a pedicure too!!! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

25 Things You Don't Know About Me!!!

You see these all the time in your email and on facebook! I love reading all the responses, but rarely do I participate! So I decided to do a list of my own 25 things/stories/funnies you don't know about me! Here we go!

1. I met Brett on my fourth day of college because my future roommate, Dana thought he was hot! He asked me out on a date and I asked her before I went-I didn't want to ruin our friendship! As you can plainly see, she didn't mind!

2. When I was pregnant with Hunter, I would have sworn I was having a girl! I even left Brett notes that said Love, Ali and Lily! If Hunter would have been a girl, his name would have been Lily Grace! I was clearly wrong!

3. I am in Brad Paisley's The World video! It was one of the neatest experiences of my life. My friend Whitney worked at a news station and got us into the video shoot. We then received front row tickets for his concert that night and Billy Currington and Sara Evans opened for him! I sang Suds in the Bucket with Sara- well, she put the microphone to my mouth! I will never forget that night!

4. I had three different majors in college. I started out Pre-med, (wanted to be an OB/GYN) went to Elementary Education, and ended up with a degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing!

5. I still love Justin Timberlake- he's my celebrity crush along with Channing Tatum :) I went to my first NSYNC concert my sophomore year of high school. We only paid $28.50 for our tickets! Britney Spears opened for them and we didn't even know who she was- needless to say our next concert cost us $75.00 per ticket and it has gone up ever since. I last saw him in Nashville when I was pregnant with Hunter!

6. I am deathly afraid of moths! If you don't believe me, ask anyone in my family! I have cut my leg before trying to get away from a moth! It's that serious!

7. I love, love, love to play board games or any game for that matter! My favorite is Scattergories- Brett says it's because I can beat everyone at it! He always beats me at Monopoly and I am sore loser because I'll quit before I'll sell him my property!ha

8. One of my favorite times of the day is at night when all of the boys are asleep and I get a little me time! I think it's only normal and I also love it because I love to watch my little ones sleep :) It's when I think, "Where has the time gone?"

9. I am an official parent because these sayings are now in my vocabulary! Examples: Do you hear me? Because I said so! I'm going to count to three!

10. One of the sweetest things in life is when your child tells you that he/she loves you! It still warms my heart when Hunter tells me and gives me a big kiss and hug! :)

11. When I was little I planned my birthday parties in advance! I'm talking like I would start planning my next party the day after my party! My mom always laughs about this and I do now! It was hard being the youngest in the class, but I know I will like it when everyone else is 40 and I am 39!

12. My parents got my name out of a baby book! I told them, they got real far :) My grandma or Mim as we call her and I share the same middle name.

13. I still talk to my best friends from elementary school! We just started a tradition of having a girls weekend, so we can make sure to all get together at least once a year since we all live in different places now!

14. I can talk like Scooter from Muppet Babies and a little like Donald Duck! You all didn't know I was so talented, did you?! My mom is really the one that can talk like Donald Duck and I would get so tickled by it when I was little!

15. I still hate vegetables- it wasn't just a kid thing for me! ha The only ones I will eat are lettuce, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes (some may consider them a fruit), and onions!

16. I take back a previous post where I stated kidney stones were worse than labor! Natural childbirth IS by far the worst pain possible! I was in so much pain that after is was over I felt empowered that I had done this on my own!

17. I HATE unloading the dishwasher! I would rather do 10,000 loads of laundry instead. I don't know why I hate it so much since it takes about five minutes, but I do!

18. We are hopefully (cross your fingers) moving to a bigger house next year! We are starting to prepare our home and are planning to have it on the market somewhere around August 2012!!! We have run out of room and it looks like Toys R Us and Babies R Us has thrown up all throughout our house! It drives me crazy and we are in dire need of a bonus room!

19. My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias! I can quote every single line and so can my best friend, Kilee! I remember the first time I watched it- it was with my dad in our family room. He told me while I was doing something else that I might want to sit down and watch this movie! I'm glad I did :)

20. Growing up, one of my sister's favorite things to do was for us to sing in our bathroom! We had a big boom box in there so we could listen to music while we got ready for whatever. It sort of had an echo so we could hear ourselves really well. I can still remember her hollering at me to come upstairs and sing!

21. I hate the word FINE! If I'm getting ready to go somewhere and I ask someone how do I look and their response is fine, I'm changing my whole outfit. I think it's the polite way of telling someone they look like crap. You could do better, but you look fine is what it sounds like to me!

22. I still watch reruns of 90210! Gosh, I loved that show! I can remember us girls playing it at recess- I was always Donna or Kelly! I think we were oblivious to a lot of the topics on the show at our age.

23. I can remember when watching TGIF was the thing to do on Fridays. You either had a friend spend the night with you or you went to their house, ordered pizza, and watched the whole line up of shows! Remember Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, etc?!?!

24. The older I've gotten, the deeper my appreciation is for my parents. Now, having two kids of my own, I understand the whole, if I could do it for you , I would scenario!

25. And last, but not least, I am thankful to God everyday for my wonderful life that includes my loving husband and two, precious blessings! :) I can remember my youth pastor in high school telling all of us to pray for our future spouses, so I did! I prayed for and about him and now I know I was praying about Brett!

There you have it! Twenty-five things or more like stories, you didn't know about me! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better and all of you should join in the list fun!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Lookouts

It's official!!! Brett and I have become our parents! He is now Hunter's head coach in t-ball and I am a dugout mom! It takes mCheck Spellinge back to when my dad coached me in softball! We ran around this weekend and got Hunter cleats, bat bag, and helmet-he already had a glove and bat! I'm so excited to watch Hunter and this is his first season in any sport!
The Lookouts will be taking field this Friday for their first practice! Brett got the name from a minor league team from Chattanooga and I think the boys/girls will look cute in their uniforms! Brett would die if he knew I was calling their uniforms cute! We are so excited and Lookout for game updates!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Day Full of Sweets and Sweet Moments!

We had a busy, fun weekend! Brett worked overtime Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (he worked a total of 76 hours last week), so needless to say we had a boys and mommy weekend! The festivities started on Saturday afternoon with Lorelai's first birthday party!

I could just eat up Lorelai and her outfit! Amanda's sister-in-law made Lorelai's tutu and I have all ready put in my order for my hypothetical child! If we have a third and it's a girl, I'm having Dominique make one for me! I don't care if it's not trendy anymore by that time, I will bring it back!

Lorelai's ladybug cake! Isn't it too cute?! Amanda said they make all sorts of animals and creatures! I might have to look into it for Brody's first birthday!

"Give me my cake, Dad!" She was ready for all of the sugar and had no problem tearing into it!

She couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough! Hunter's hand is also featured in this picture- right side with icing on it! All of the kids decided Lorelai needed help!

After the party, we went back to Granna Viv's house. Since Brody couldn't have cake, we decided to let him have sweet potatoes! This is the first photo after his first bite! Hand straight to the mouth and no funny face or gagging- total opposite of Hunter!

He loved them and kept opening his mouth when the spoon came near! Yummy!

Patiently waiting the for the next bite, while thinking, "Give me more, please!!!"

As I was feeding Brody, Hunter made sure to provide us with some entertainment!

It was pouring outside and Hunter got soaked on the trip to the car after the birthday party! He decided he needed to take his wet clothes off so sorry for the no outfit, but these pictures are priceless! He likes to turn the remote into a guitar and his new love is Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior! He rocks out to the theme song each time!

PRICELESS! He is singing the ending, "Yo, ho lets go!" We laughed so hard when we saw this picture! He's so dramatic and animated- I have no idea where he gets it from :)

The weekend ended with a mini shopping trip for me. I went to Old Navy and got a few things and then we had Salsaritas for dinner- yum!
We are looking forward to being back outside this week with the rain gone and the sunshine back! I hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Three Month Pictures

I am very fortunate to have a best friend that is into photography and willing to capture these sweet, priceless moments for me! Lori always does a phenomenal job and I love her work. I am forever grateful and thankful to her for these. Below are some of my favorites! Enjoy!