Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Lookouts

It's official!!! Brett and I have become our parents! He is now Hunter's head coach in t-ball and I am a dugout mom! It takes mCheck Spellinge back to when my dad coached me in softball! We ran around this weekend and got Hunter cleats, bat bag, and helmet-he already had a glove and bat! I'm so excited to watch Hunter and this is his first season in any sport!
The Lookouts will be taking field this Friday for their first practice! Brett got the name from a minor league team from Chattanooga and I think the boys/girls will look cute in their uniforms! Brett would die if he knew I was calling their uniforms cute! We are so excited and Lookout for game updates!!!

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  1. ha! Isn't it just like guys to think it all has to be manly and the Mom's to think it's CUTE! LOL;