Saturday, September 3, 2011

Football Fever

Powell Panther flag football kicked off this morning! We had to be at the field at 8:15, so needless to say, I had an early morning! The boys did great and I'm happy to announce that they won!

Hunter running onto the field to join the team in the huddle! I could just cry looking at this picture-he's not suppose to be this old!

The boys waiting for the game to start. It wasn't too hot yet, so I guess that is the best part about having the early game!

Of course I had to snap a zillion pictures. The uniforms are entirely too big, but what do you do? The league gave our coach the shirts and we just had to deal with them. Oh well, they still are adorable! Brett would kill me for saying adorable!ha

My sweet boy ready to play football! He ran onto the field with no hesitation, got into position, and took off!

Sweet Knox from our tee ball team! He is also a great football player!

Nate-our head coach's son. He loves football and Hunter is starting to become good friends with him.

Connor-the super star! He had two touchdowns and pulled an important flag at the end of the game to stop the potential winning touchdown!

Knox showing his tough guy face! I can't help but think of the movie Little Giants! Intimidation!!

Running onto the field to play! Very proud Mommy and Daddy moment!

Hunter is in the back playing Safety. He did great on all of his plays!

Connor taking off for the end zone! This was his first touchdown! He was so excited!

He is a little speed demon! Way to go Powell Panthers!!!

So being the prepared mother I am, my camera battery died at half time! I couldn't believe it! I got it out to take pictures of the Powell Panther cheerleaders! Yes, our team has cheerleaders and I cannot describe to you how cute, adorable, precious they are in their uniforms! I will make sure to have a fully charged battery next time!

I also wanted to thank Hunter's large fan base for coming to his first game! Thank you to Granna, Papaw, Uncle Calvin, Uncle Ed and Kase, and little brother Brody! It was great to see all of the support, love, and excitement for Hunter! Go Powell Panthers!!!

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