Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monkeying Around

Brett took Hunter to his first UT game on Saturday! While the older boys were gone, Brody and I had some quality time together and I was able to snap some cute pictures!

His new sock monkey hat for the fall! I purchased an owl one too, but I didn't get any pics of him in it.

When you say hello, whether he has a phone, remote control, or whatever, he automatically puts it up to his ear. Brett says he must have learned this from me!ha

Getting ready to leave for the UT game! Only if I could change his shirt to blue since it's such a good picture! I know in my heart he bleeds blue!!! :)

This child loves popcorn! It's a must for him at every event! This is the only pic Brett got of Hunter from the game. His phone died! What is up with us and our electronics?!

When they got home, Hunter wanted to go outside and play football! I guess he was still pumped up from the game. Brody loved holding the football, so maybe we will have another football player on our hands!

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  1. Precious! Brody looks JUST like you in the phone picture, Ali. I expect Brett is correct in that he learned that from you! Too funny. Love Love Hunter and Brody! XO