Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We started celebrating Valentine's Day last Thursday! Hunter had a pizza party at school and I am happy to report he received all 5's (highest you can get) for behavior and listening! He ripped open his treat bag as soon as we got home!

He also got Valentine's Day mail from his Mimi (my mom) and Aunt Judy! I'm not sure where he put the card from Aunt Judy! His Lightning McQueen card plays Life is a Highway from the movie Cars! I've only heard it five million times!

Finding more treasure, as he calls it, in his bag! He had cards, candy, stickers, games, etc.

Singing with his card. He loves this movie and we are looking forward to Cars 2, which comes out in June!

Brody's all smiles with his first Valentine's Day! He got Valentine's Day mail as well!

This is how he looks most of the day! Something is always in his mouth! It's either his fist, thumb, his lovie, paci- I think we are beginning the process of teething!

What a cutie! I couldn't stop taking pictures and I have about five hundred more I could have put on here!

He is such a happy baby! He is really starting to laugh a lot and he loves to watch Hunter and when he does something silly, Brody just cracks up!

CHEESE!!! Hunter kept saying, "Take my picture!" His smile says it all!

A favorite! I just kept snapping away! He's not always the best with getting his picture made! He's usually too busy!
A sweet look! He got a scratch on his nose and later in the night we discovered he had a black eye! He did it at school somehow and the teacher said she didn't know what happened! He never cried about it to us, he just kept pointing to it! He's all boy, so there is no telling what happened

Another fabulous smile! As for the containers in the background- Brett got in the attic the other night and brought down seven of them full of Hunter's old clothes! He informed me that it was ridiculous and that I needed to go through them to see what I wanted to save for Brody and what I wanted to sell/donate! I informed him that apparently at the time I did it, I wasn't ready to let go. I'm happy to say I did go through them and made a nice dent! We have three less! ha

After meeting Brett at Chick-Fil-A for dinner (one of Hunter's favorites) before he went to class, we ventured to Granna's (Brett's mom) for more Valentine's day fun! Hunter couldn't wait to dig through his bag and Brody's!!!

Trying to open up his M&M's! It's his favorite candy and he always expects Granna to have some on hand for him!

Looking at his new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video! We are having to take it back though because he already has it! Viv and I horrible at remembering what DVDs we have at home.

And lastly, my Valentine's Day surprise! Flowers from my honey! He spoils me and I absolutely love them! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's because the Spradlen family sure did! :)

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  1. Love all the photos of the grandest, cutest grandsons ever! Glad everyone had a good Valentine's Day. Brett did a great job with the flowers. xo