Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a Week and Weekend!

The hunt is finally over! What I didn't tell everyone on my last post is that following my doctor's appointment, we or should I say Brett decided to go car shopping! All I wanted to do was go eat at Red Lobster and on our way, he spotted a certain vehicle! I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee through college and for a few years after. It was a wonderful vehicle, until about the last year. It was in and out of the shop and we decided it was time to sell it! Since then, I have been driving the family's extra vehicle- my stepmom's Rav 4 while we searched for the right one! We knew that we wanted third row and all I wanted was leather- yes, I am spoiled to leather! We had decided that we wanted a Tahoe and had been waiting for the right deal to come along! We didn't get a Tahoe and here are the pictures you have been requesting Mom and Katie!

Our Cadillac Escalade

Hunter with his DVD player, which was a lifesaver this weekend! And yes, it has third row seating!

We looked at it Monday night and started the wheeling and dealing on Tuesday! Brett took off of work early and I was sick all day! I absolutely HATE car shopping- I told my mom I would rather give birth! She said she would ask me when October rolls around and I am in the delivery room! ha We got a great deal and it's everything we wanted and more!

Now the reason the DVD player was a lifesaver is because we had to travel to Madisonville, Kentucky (5 hours away) for a very dear friend's wedding! I have known Lauren since we were little and she lived right behind me growing up!

Brett and I before we got out in the torrential rain! We had strong winds, large hail in the area, the county sirens were going off ( yes, I grew up in that small of a town), and tornado warnings! We weren't going to miss the wedding though- the weather couldn't stop us, and luckily it stopped right before the wedding! I've always heard that it's good luck to rain on your wedding day, so Steven and Lauren are going to have the best marriage ever!

This is the only picture of me from the wedding and I stole it from Brandy's facebook page! We all brought our cameras and every picture that we took, one of us would hate! Oh, the joys of growing up! Layne (middle) and Brandy (right) are two of my best friends from home!

The happy couple- Lauren and Steven! I stole this from Lauren's facebook page! Lauren looked absolutely stunning! We all had a great time at the reception- they even had a candy bar and needless to say it has caused me to crave gummy bears now! We were all able to catch up with old friends and one of our friend's Clint, even busted out his Michael Jackson dance moves from high school- hysterical! Congrats Lauren and Steven and have a great honeymoon in Jamaica!

We had to leave early Sunday morning so I could be back in time for a Bridesmaid dinner! Another best friend of mine, Whitney, is getting married in May! We had a nice dinner and a great time! Then it was time to go home and unpack EVERYTHING! Yuck!

I did get a call today from my doctor's office to let me know that all of my blood work from my First Trimester Screening came back NORMAL! My odds of having a baby with Down Syndrome is one in 14,652. The odds of having a baby with Trisomy 18 is one in 32,492. It's always great to hear good news and like I have always said, we would love the baby no matter the circumstances!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow- we left on Thursday night for Kentucky instead of Friday so I had to reschedule my appointment from Friday. It is just a regular visit to check my weight (BOO), baby's heartbeat, belly growth, etc! We will, however, schedule my next appointment, which is when we will find out the sex! Woohoo! I'll let everyone know how my appointment goes and when the BIG day is!


  1. You girls all look so gorgeous! So happy for you and your husband to be adding to your family :)

  2. I have learned that the stupid sea blue IS NOT MY COLOR!!! ewwww...you and brandy looked amazing though, and I STILL look more pregnant than you and mine is almost 5 months old!! I can't want to see you again! Miss you so much! :)