Monday, May 3, 2010

A Bitter Sweet Week

It was a bitter, sweet week for my family. The sweet part is my doctor's appointment went well. I am right on track and the heartbeat sounds great. I go back on May 19th for a routine appointment and I begged her to let us find out the sex then. She said she wanted to wait a little bit longer, so we don't have that appointment until June 11th! I don't think I can wait! Brett and I both think it's another boy !

The bitter or sad news came on Thursday morning. My best friend Kilee called me from work and said there had been a mining accident and two miners were trapped. She said, "One of them is Michael." I knew instantly who she was talking about. I immediately called my dad who is in the mining business and screamed, " It's Michael!" He already knew and I was crying so hard that it made him cry. See, growing up in a small town, everybody knows everybody, and somehow, in some way, someone in your family is involved in the mining business. We knew the outlook wasn't good. The hardest part was calling my sister to tell her. It was so hard because her and Michael dated for six years and he was very close to our family. Just because time has gone by and your life has changed, doesn't mean you forget the good times or the memories. He was at our house for multiple holidays, a pallbearer at my Grandma's funeral, if any of us, not just Katie, needed anything, he would do it, etc. These are things you don't forget and that's why it's so hard. As most of you all know, I'm sure, the outcome was not what we wanted. Michael, along with the other miner, died from the accident.

Michael Wayne Carter

Another reason, I have taken this so hard is that Michael was married and had a son Hunter's age. I can't imagine Brett leaving for work and never coming back home. I balled when Brett got home because things like this really put your life into perspective. Your life can change in an instant. Please continue to pray for Melissa (wife), Hayden (son), Curtis (dad), and Sharon (mom). I can't imagine the pain they are feeling- Michael was an only child. I pray that God wraps his arms around them during this difficult time and brings them peace and comfort. Please also pray for the other miner's family. Justin Travis was 27, married with two children. I read where someone put on facebook, may we find comfort that these miners will never be in the dark again-so true!

Even though at this point, I didn't feel like doing it anymore, we were having a neighborhood garage sale. My house/garage was such a mess from trying to get ready for it. We needed to move the "junk" out so we could start getting ready for the baby!

The sale ended Saturday afternoon and I was pretty pleased with our profit. Our biggest item didn't sell, which was bedroom furniture, and that's what we really wanted gone! Oh well, we will try again!

The rest of the weekend we relaxed and went to a couples shower! We had a good time and luckily, we didn't get flooded like the rest of Tennessee!

Brett leaves this week for a Bachelor Party in Florida, so pray for safe travel. I don't know what Hunter and I will get into, but I'm sure it will be something fun!


  1. I love reading your blog! :)

  2. Our family has such sweet memories of Michael. It's hard to believe he is gone; a tragedy that hurts so deep. My continued prayers for his family.

    Yay for baby Spradlen! I can't wait to meet the next grandest grandchild of mine.