Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Time!

Hunter received his first birthday present in the mail yesterday! His birthday isn't until the 21st of this month, but who doesn't love getting presents early! His gift is from Mimi Susan (my mom) and he couldn't wait to open it! He pushed the big box around all day and when Brett got home, we decided to set it up for him. Also, my mom is coming to Knoxville this week and she wanted to see it put together! Sorry for the photo quality-all of these were taken with my iPhone camera!

Helping Out!

He thought Daddy needed help putting it together! We started putting it together right before bedtime so that's why Hunter is just in his Pull-Up. He refuses to wear pajamas to bed!

Eating lunch at his new picnic table today! He was saying cheese as I was taking his picture! The table is going outside, I just haven't moved it out there yet! We are getting bad weather right now!

Who needs the table though, when you have the big box it came in?!?! Maddie is guarding it! ha

I can't believe Hunter will be three soon! Where has the time gone? I will have to share previous birthday pictures on another post! We are taking him to Party City next week to pick out his birthday party theme! Will it be Thomas the Train, Diego, Cars? We will see! :o)

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  1. I can hardly believe he will be 3 years old! I love the pictures and am so happy Hunter likes his picnic table and enjoyed the box as well. :) He is the grandest grandson! I am so excited to be with you all very soon! ILY Mimi xoxox