Thursday, May 20, 2010

All Aboard the Ship of Dreams!

Brett went to Las Vegas last week for work and while he was gone, Hunter and I decided we needed some company! My mom came to visit and we were nonstop busy! We had planned to have a full day of things to do in Pigeon Forge! We started our morning off with a trip to the new Titanic Museum. We were to board the ship at 11:00 am.

This is a picture of the museum! When we arrived we received our boarding passes and who we would be on the Titanic! Each person on the tour received a card containing a small biography of a person who was truly aboard Titanic. At the end of the tour we would find out if we survived or not.

Here are our boarding passes. I was Nellie Bessette, First Class Passenger (don't let this fool you-I was a personal maid to Mrs. Ella White), age 39, residence: Briarcliff Manor, New York. My mom was Amy Stanley, third class passenger, age 23, domestic servant, residence: Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England. She was on her way to America to work as a children's maid.

This is a replica in the museum of Isador and Ida Straus' sitting room. They were co-owners of Macy's department store. Neither survived and they had her wedding ring on display. This is also the room James Cameron copied to use in the infamous drawing scene with Jack and Rose. Ida nearly got on life boat eight, but decided not to get on. She said to her husband, "Where you go, I go." I wonder if that's where they got the line for the movie, "You jump, I jump!"
This is the lifebelt of Madeleine Astor. She was married to John Jacob Astor IV, one of the richest men in the United States. She survived, her husband did not. They would later find out that she was one month pregnant when the ship went down.

We were in the museum for over two hours. There were so many interesting things to view and read. They had dishes, letters, clothing, etc. One of the most interesting parts to me, was the room they had designed to be the same temperature it was on that night and you could feel what the water felt like as passengers were thrown into the ice cold ocean. It was amazing (that they could design something like this) and at the same time hard to imagine what those people went through. I couldn't keep my hand in it for longer than ten seconds. In the end, my mom and I both survived! After all of this, my mom and I had sure worked up an appetite. We decided to eat at our favorite, the Apple Barn!

We both enjoyed Chicken and Dumplings as our main course! At this restaurant you receive, Apple Fritters, Apple Julep, Soup, Salad, main dish, two vegetables, and a dessert as all part of your meal! We were stuffed and decided to walk some of it off by shopping!

We shopped at the Tanger Outlets for a little while. My mom bought me two, cute maternity shirts and belly butter to keep those stretch marks to a minimum! We also enjoyed shopping at Kirklands and we had to stop there because we both had drained our wallets! ha

And here is a picture of my sweet boy! We were playing around with my camera, and he kept saying, " cheese!" Can you believe he will be three tomorrow?!?! Where has the time gone?! You never realize how much you can love someone until you have a child!

Speaking of children, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday! I'm right on schedule and the baby's heart rate was in the 150's. What an amazing thing to hear- gush, gush, gush! I love hearing the heart and thinking about the baby! I am a little over four months now, so the baby is distinctly a boy or girl! Woohoo! The eyelids are completely formed and closed over eyes that can react to changes in light. The nose, lips, and chin are distinct, and the entire body is covered with downy hair called lanugo. The fetus is now five inches long and weighs nearly four ounces, just large enough to cradle in the palm of your hand!

We find out June 11th if it's a boy or girl! We are so excited and can hardly wait! What do you think- pink or blue?!?!

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  1. I had a wonderful time with you and Hunter! We had so much fun and laughed a lot. One of the highlights of my visit is when I got up one morning and Hunter just ran to me to give me a hug. My grandest grandson says Mimi now and his Mimi would give him the world. Thanks for such a great time, Ali.

    I love you both so much. I can hardly wait to meet the next little one. xoxox