Thursday, May 6, 2010

Smokies Baseball Game

My friend Lori invited Hunter and I to go to the Smokies baseball game last night! They are a minor league team in Pigeon Forge and they were playing the Mobile Bay Bears! Lori's tickets were right behind home plate, but since we had a two and four year old with us, we opted for the grassy area! Hunter and Kainaan had a blast and they lasted the whole the game! We were two proud mommies!

The boys enjoying their chocolate ice cream in a baseball cap! By the end of the night Hunter had sat in his, spilled it all over himself, but hey, enjoyed it and that's all that matters!

The Bay Bear's Dugout just happened to be right beside the grassy area! Hunter and Kainaan ran their trains up and down the concrete wall! From time to time, a player would come over and talk to them! Hunter and Kainaan were probably thinking, forget baseball, lets play trains!

Hunter "talking" to Brian Henry after getting his baseball signed! He handed it back to Hunter, Hunter said thanks, and then threw it on the ground! Too funny! The Smokies lost 2-1, but we plan to go back and have more adventures with the boys!

The sweetest part of the night is when Kainaan got a baseball and went back down to the players and asked them for one for his friend Hunter! He might have had a little help from Lori and I with what to do and ask, but it's so sweet that he did it! I told Brett I wanted to get a glass baseball box- I think that's what they are called- and put the ball in it. I know it's minor league, but it's Hunter's first signed baseball! What a great memory and I'm glad I was there for it! Thanks for inviting us Lori!


  1. Thanks for the sweet update, Ali! Those little guys make me smile and warm my heart. Kainaan is such a good pal to get a ball for Hunter, too! Love the photos and can't wait to see my grandest grandson and you. Love you. xoxox

  2. Awww! I love you ALI!! :) I will see if Tim can get more tickets for another game and maybe the guys can go too. :)but I bet the Dads couldn't hang for the WHOLE game like we did!! HAHAAA!! ;)
    Love you!