Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Pictures

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and I'm glad to report that everything looks great! I had the ultrasound as part of my first trimester screening and I'm so glad I did this. Just for the fact that we got to see the baby and it actually looks like a baby now! He/she is very active and moved quite a bit during my appointment! According to the tech, I have a very cooperative baby because she got what she needed in five minutes for the screening! Lets just pray that the baby is as cooperative when he/she comes into this world! :o) She measured the fluid behind the baby's neck and looked for a fully developed nasal bone. The results were normal and the baby is right on schedule!

These are the ultrasound pictures the tech printed for us! The "bubbles" in the pictures are actually the umbilical cord. It was amazing to watch this little one and I can't wait to see more! Of course I asked if she could "guess" the sex of the baby. I'm sorry to report that she wasn't able to- she said it would have been better if I was at least 14 weeks. She tried for me though and I appreciated it!

We will know the rest of the test results from my blood work in two weeks so keep us in your prayers!


  1. Glad to hear that everything is going well! :-) I love watching the baby develop in these pics! Its so cute!!
    I am going to put my guess out there...It's going to be a GIRL! :-)
    She will have your gorgeous skin and hair! :-)

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet. I can hardly wait to meet grandest grand-baby number 2! xoxox