Monday, November 14, 2011

Nashville-Good Times

Last weekend, I met up with my four high school best friends for a girls weekend in Nashville! We shopped, ate, laughed, reminisced, and created more inside jokes than ever!

At Charming Charlies, trying on hats for fun! Lauren has a New Years Eve wedding to go to, so she was on the hunt for a fun dress! We all tried on sequence dresses in Macy's and I'm sad to report that no one took a picture! :( We had a good time though and I can say I looked very stylish in my one sleeve gold sequence dress! haha

Eating my Hershey's Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory! It was divine! We all got a different type of cheesecake and shared! As Layne stated, "I'm going to need a cardiac doctor after I finish this piece!"Thankful to be out of the parking lot! I don't know if you all have ever been to the mall at Green Hills, but I have never seen such tiny, packed in parking spaces! It took me a good ten minutes to park my SUV with Lauren and Brandy's help! I got a round of applause when I completed the task! ha When we came out to leave, a group of guys offered to help us! The main one who helped us was named Bouje! Yes, folks, pronounced Boo-gee! He was able to get me out in about five minutes! His friends kept hollering at us not to forget his name, he's a rapper, I apparently haven't and will never forget it! I have never been so stressed and I definitely needed a margarita by this point!

Thankful to be out of there as well! I tried forever to get this picture to rotate and it wouldn't! I'm sure many of you are tilting your head at this point! :)

We wanted to hang out somewhere that night so we decided to go to the Big Bang Dueling Pianos! I don't love this picture of me, but it's one of the few of all us! It was freezing by this point, but thankfully we only had to walk two blocks. Kilee and Layne were definitely troopers considering they are pregnant! Luckily we knew someone working, so he was able to get us a table in no time!

I have no idea what my swangs (swoop bangs) are doing here! Kilee tried to do waves in my hair, but I think it needs to be a little longer.

We had a great time and tons of fun! The next morning we got up, ate at Cracker Barrel, and hit the road! I realize how lucky and rare it is to still have four best friends from high school and I consider myself blessed! We are already talking about next years trip and making fun of what we will do for trips when we get old! I love you girls and here is a montage of inside jokes dedicated to you all!

I can't believe all of the traffic I caught on my way over here! Yes, I will more than likely be late to my own funeral. What type of donut do you want? I want a banana- so you want a long john? I have to pee! Are these the Real Housewives of Detroit? Come back here, you all have to see this shirt! Do we get the friend discount? You should have parked in the parking garage! Will you curl my hair like Jessica Simpson's? They're really clean! What's that noise in the bathroom? Why is it everywhere we go, someone has thrown up? You have to smell her perfume, it's Justin Beiber and it really does smell good! I'm going to order a pizza and onion rings when we get back! Bouje! Sit back down! Sit back down! They're getting ready to do NSYNC!

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