Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Pics

My friend Lori took family pictures for us on Halloween! These are a few of our favorites and the session went really well. Now, I usually wouldn't take pictures so soon after having a baby, but it was Brett's idea and I had to jump at the chance- he HATES having his picture taken!

Everything is going so well! Brody is a wonderful baby and Hunter is blossoming as the big brother. Brody sleeps well at night- he slept for eight hours three nights ago! His usual sleeping schedule is four to six hours so it allows me to feel somewhat rested! I have been able to clean, cook (nothing big), and do laundry so the house isn't falling apart like I thought it might!

Our hearts are full, family complete (for now- Brett talks about a third, but I don't know), and the feeling of joy never leaves!

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