Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Unexpected Trip to the ER!

Around 3:00, Monday afternoon, I started experiencing back pain. I decided to take some Tylenol and use the heating pad, thinking the pain would go away. I thought maybe I had picked Hunter up wrong or had done too much that day- sometimes I forget that I am five months pregnant! By 8:00, I could no longer stand the pain. I couldn't stand, sit, move, without having this excruciating pain. I called the doctor on call and he told me he couldn't really diagnose me over the phone, but he believed I had a kidney stone. By 8:30, I could barely walk, I was in so much pain that is was making me vomit (too much info right, but I'm just sharing the severity of my pain), I was crying hysterically and couldn't even think clearly! I called Brett to come home ( he has class on Monday night) to take me to the hospital and my mother-in-law came over to get Hunter! I must have sounded terrible on the phone because Viv jumped in her car without even putting shoes on!

We got to the ER and they moved me to the Labor & Delivery floor to monitor the baby. The good news is the baby is fine and was fine the whole time. I could no longer walk at this point and was still getting sick. The doctor on call decided to keep me over night to monitor me and to give me pain medicine. I was in such severe pain, they gave me morphine and phenergan! By the next day, I felt like a new woman! I had no back pain, just soreness and I was extremely tired. After running several tests through the night and next day, having numerous ultrasounds done, and looking at my symptoms, my doctor came to the conclusion that I had a kidney stone! I hope no one ever has to experience these, because it was by far worse than any labor pain I had with Hunter! I am thankful that Brett took such good care of me and stayed with me all night and day. I also had a wonderful nurse who I have requested, if she is working that day, to be with me when I go into labor. I am going to try and take it easy these next few days, but it's hard to when you have a three year old running around and you're trying to get ready for the beach!

Now onto the big news I was suppose to reveal yesterday! Baby Spradlen's name is going to be BRODY THOMAS! Brett picked out Brody and I liked it as well! Let the monogramming begin!I had an ultrasound of the baby yesterday, the only good thing about my whole hospital experience, and he now weighs one pound, one ounce! From all of the measurements, the ultrasound says my due date is October 29th, just one day ahead of schedule! We are so excited and can't wait to meet this little one!


  1. so glad you're better!! and i LOVE the name!!!

  2. ahhhhhh, LOVE THE NAME!!! It was one of the names I had picked out if we were going to have a boy!! So glad you're feeling better!! And yes, everyone in town will know his initials every single day!!