Monday, June 14, 2010

It's A Boy!

We went to the doctor Friday and found out that we are having a boy! Throughout my pregnancy, Brett and I both knew we were having a boy and we were right! My doctor told me all it takes sometimes is the parents intuition! The appointment went great and Baby Spradlen is right on schedule! He is seven inches long and weighs eleven ounces! He can hear my blood and heartbeat, and may even be able to discern my voice! He won't be able to hear most external noises until the end of this trimester.

What a gorgeous baby, right?! Of course, I'm partial since he is mine! We don't have a name picked out yet and we don't have any ideas either! The only thing we do have figured out is his middle name. It will be Thomas (not after the train for Hunter) after Brett's Uncle Calvin! His middle name is Thomas! We just love Uncle Calvin and Aunt Gina and they have two wonderful daughters, Lindsay and Lauren who I am extremely close to!

Another profile picture! I didn't put his it's a boy picture on here, but trust me, it's a boy! And he wasn't shy about it either!

We went shopping yesterday in Pigeon Forge at the Outlets (it's so nice living just 30 minutes from them) and of course we came home with new clothes for the baby! Carter's had a lot of things 70% off, so we got two layette sets, two blankets, and a football sleep and play outfit! Hunter helped pick out the duck set and matching blanket! All of this was 70% off- I had to limit
myself! We are going to the beach in two weeks and there is another outlet mall there too-oh my!

We couldn't be more thrilled and we are so excited for Hunter to have a baby brother! I am destined to be queen of the household! Let's just hope this boy looks a little bit like me or we will have another Brett Jr. :o) Keep praying for our growing family!

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