Monday, June 7, 2010

Hunter's Birthday Party!

We had Hunter's third birthday party at the house this past weekend! He had a blast, although he was somewhat tired through it all! We had lots of friends and family stop by and I was exhausted by the time it was over! The only thing that went wrong is the cake-I'm allowed to vent about silly stuff on my blog, right?!

I went to pick up the cake right before the party started and when the lady handed it to me, I was a little surprised! This is not what I had ordered and this was not the Cars design shown on the Internet or their book. I would not have ordered from them if I would have known that this is what it was going to look like. I know in the long run it doesn't matter, Hunter could care less, but I wanted the cake to be cute and this was NOT at all what I wanted! There it's out- I feel better :o) On the positive side, it did taste good!

Here's the birthday boy himself! Half smile, too busy to stop and say cheese! I didn't do too well with taking pictures- trying to be a hostess, run the party, run the video camera, take pictures, etc. It can get a little overwhelming, so I decided to relax, enjoy the party, watch Hunter have fun, and of course socialize with all of our friends and family!

Here are some of the kids in the bounce house we borrowed from my best friend Lori for the kids to jump on! The kids were constantly in and out of the house- it was so humid outside! They had a blast bouncing and playing and I am so thankful that we were able to use it! It was the BIG highlight of the party!

Here is the party boy all tuckered out! Next to him is his best friend Kainaan! We were getting ready to cut the cake and eat ice cream! When the party was over, Hunter fell asleep immediately- he was one tired boy!

I had to leave after the party to go to a baby shower- I told you all this summer was going to be crazy for me! It was for my friend Caroline who is due late July- she is having a little girl and they are naming her Keenlan! Speaking of baby things, this Friday is the big day! We can't wait- we still think it's a boy, but we will see!

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