Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa! Ho, Ho, NO!

Happy Holidays!!! It's hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner! I still have so much to do and I haven't even wrapped one single gift. I have been busy making other things though!

My first deco mesh wreath! My childhood friend, Erin made these last year and I fell in love with them! I was bound and determined to make one of my own and I must say I was pretty impressed with myself! :) I've made five so far to give as Christmas gifts! I'm quickly becoming addicted to Hobby Lobby!

Our mantle! If you look close, you'll notice that Hunter's monogramming is different. I purchased our stockings at Pottery Barn when I was pregnant. I didn't find out until after Christmas what we were having- I came extremely close to having Lily monogrammed on it since I just knew I was having a girl! Luckily, I didn't and my neighbor monogrammed his name on there for me. When I had Brody, his stocking was one of the first things I purchased. It's a little different in design, but they're all from a similar collection.

Our Christmas tree! If our tree survives Christmas, it will be a miracle! Brody enjoys pulling all the ribbon off and tugging on it. I've lost count as to how many times I've had to fix the ribbon and branches!

Our Christmas ornament for this year! When Brett and I got married, we couldn't find an ornament series we liked, so we decided to get a personalized one each year instead. When we take the boys to Bass Pro to see Santa, we always stop by the Christmas Place to get our ornament.

When we got to the Christmas Place, they had a little, steam train you could ride! Hunter was in heaven!!!

Staring in amazement! This train has been running for over 100 years!

Hunter wanted Brett and Brody to ride with him! Brett was beyond thrilled! :)

There they go! Look at the steam!

I just love Hunter's face in this picture! He would have stayed on the train all day if we would have let him!

The train obsession continues! This is at the front of the store and he immediately climbed on it. Normally I would have made him get down, but it made for such a cute picture! :)

We've also made it a tradition to drive through the Smokies Stadium each Christmas! Shadrack designs the light show and synchronizes it to music. It's so neat to watch and we look forward to it each year!

When you arrive at the end, they have Santa's Village set up with a petting zoo, rides, and food! Yes, I had a funnel cake! Brody enjoyed the animals and Hunter kept telling us he was scared-he's never liked petting zoos! Luckily, this one was small with only llamas, sheep, ostriches, goats, and camels.

Trying to give the llama his paci!

And of course, they had a train! I was the lucky one who got to ride this time!

It was a tight squeeze in this little train car!

We finally made it back to Bass Pro to meet Santa! Our bass pass to see Santa was at 7:00-we picked it up at 3:30. It's always a long wait there, but it's worth it! We had other things to do, so we didn't mind. He is by far our favorite Santa and I love everything they have to offer the kids! I love the reindeer next to his house!

This was the first year Hunter walked up to him and sat on his lap! We usually have to take a family picture, but he overcame his fear and we were so proud of him! He told him that he wanted presents and trains.

Brody on the other hand was less than thrilled to be on his lap! Love his heart!

We've been enjoying Christmas movies, hot cocoa, and making crafts for grandparents! I realize I've missed Tasty Tuesday twice, so I promise to get a recipe on here sometime this week! Only 19 more days until Christmas!

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