Monday, December 19, 2011

Katie's Graduation

This past weekend I went to Morehead for my sister's college graduation! I didn't take many pics-her husband was on camera duty and I just wanted to enjoy the time with my family. She graduated magna cum laude, which she is rubbing in my face, since I just graduated with cum laude honors! :)

While I was there, we ate at my two favorite places- Pasquales and Mellini's! If you are ever in the Morehead area, I highly recommend both! After graduation, I rode through campus and it has changed so much! They've torn down the first dorms Brett and I lived in (Regents and Wilson), which made me kind of sad. I'm getting old, huh?!?! It honestly made me sad since that is where Brett and I first met. They've also remodeled areas, changed the sorority area, and you can no longer drive in front of the student center- big deal for a small campus! Seeing all of the buildings where I had class, dorms, and places I worked just brought back a flood of memories! What a great time! Have I really been out of college for six years?!?!

Congrats Katie and I'm so proud of you! Thanks mom for everything while I was there and I enjoyed staying up late, seeing as though I'm not able to do that with two, little boys at home! Love you both very much!

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  1. I had such a good time with you & Katie. I enjoyed every single minute of our family time! It was so fun to stay up late with you. Thank you for the lovely Christmas that you and the boys (Brett included) gave me. I love you SO much. XO