Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve & Christmas

Hunter woke up to a big surprise! Spooky Bill brought an early Christmas present from the North Pole!

Thumbs up for a job well done, Spooky Bill! I took video of him opening it and as you probably guessed, it was his Xbox 360! I won't lie, Brett and I were pretty excited about getting it a day early too! After we played for a few hours, it was time to go to Granna's for lunch/dinner!

Thanks to Hunter and Kase, the Christmas Tree turned out beautiful! :) The kind of cake only moms love!

Brody getting in on the cake fun! He had the hard job of tasting the frosting! Lucky guy!

Still frosting, sprinkling sprinkles, and everything else you can imagine! Kase even ended up getting his foot in the frosting! They had a great time decorating it together.

Still tasting! He definitely got my sweet tooth! :)

What a mess! Glad we were at Granna's house! After cake decorating, we had Lasagna for dinner and the kids were pumped about opening presents!

Hunter patiently waiting to open his gifts! He kept saying, "Now, can we open the presents?"

Kase tearing open his first gift! He was a big help with opening Kinsley's presents and so was Brody! Those two kept pulling out all the tissue from her bags! After presents, we loaded everything up to head home.

What a cute boy! I think he made the nice list!

Making reindeer food! This was the first time we made reindeer food and cookies. I found a recipe on the Internet and it's super easy to make. A new tradition to add to Christmas!

Sprinkling the food for the reindeer to eat-we have to take care of them too! He didn't even make it to the grass before he started throwing it everywhere! Needless to say, thank goodness for rain!

Look at him go! He was so excited, he ran outside with no socks or shoes on- Mother.Of.The.Year! We were out there at the most two minutes, so he was fine.

Santa's milk and cookies! From the looks of it, I think he enjoyed them! :)

Santa stopped by our house and left lots of goodies for the boys!

I must say we are fortunate in the fact that our boys like to sleep! We didn't get up until 9:15! I can remember waking my parents up at 6:00! Hunter is obsessed with Cars and Cars 2, so this was definitely on his list!

Brody digging in his stocking! This boy loves chocolate!

All smiles for another Cars 2 present!

Tearing into his presents! When he finally got the hang of ripping the paper, he didn't stop! I think he liked the wrapping paper more than his gifts!

Still sleepy!!! What a yawn! After presents and eating our traditional breakfast casserole, we got ready and headed up to Brett's grandparents house. They live on the lake, so we took Hunter's new fishing pole and tackle box he got from Papaw!

He caught one!!!! I was so proud of my little guy! What an exciting moment to share with him!

Growing up, my dad took my sister and I fishing all of the time! He was quite the fisherman and we loved riding in the boat! I even have my very own bass mounted-it's in our garage on a shelf. I can remember being Hunter's age, fishing with my parents, and now here he is, fishing with us! A surreal, exciting, makes you want to cry moment!

His first bluegill! He caught four and he's still talking about them!

Papaw and Hunter! Papaw came running down from the house when he heard that Hunter had caught a fish. When we headed down to the dock, everyone was still eating Christmas lunch. The rest of the family came down there later too! They were so proud and excited for Hunter!

Uncle Calvin and Brody! This is who Brody is named after- they share the same middle name! I absolutely love them and couldn't ask for better family members! We are extremely close to them and I'm thankful to have such wonderful people in my life since my family lives so far away.

Present time! These kids are spoiled! After gifts, we made the drive back home and we all were exhausted! We had a wonderful Christmas with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus!

We are going to spend New Years Eve with friends and we are looking forward to 2012! Also, happy birthday to my sister who is turning 29* tomorrow! ;) See you all in the new year-cheesy, I know!

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