Monday, April 11, 2011

Put Me In Coach...

I'm ready to play, today! Well, sort of :) The Lookouts had their first game/tournament this past weekend and they did great! Hunter batted the first inning and made it to first base! It was a proud mommy moment! To be honest, I could have cried! After that, he was done! Out of the two tournament games we had that day, that was all the t-ball action we were going to get from Hunter! His roster picture- isn't it adorable! I can't believe he will be four next month! Tear :(
The second day went better- Hunter actually went out on the field! Brett is the head coach of his team so it helps to have Daddy out there!

Playing in the dirt! I'm still proud of him for being out there- huge improvement from the day before!
Coming off of the field! I thought this was a good snapshot of their uniforms! Brett picked the name Lookouts from the Chattanooga Lookouts- a minor league team!

Kainaan running to first base! He is a great t-ball player and we are so happy that him and Hunter are on the same team! His dad, Tim is Brett's assistant coach and Lori is the head dugout mom!

High fives! What a neat picture! Lori took all of these pictures- she is great at t-ball multitasking!

This picture just plain cracks me up! The kids have a great time even if they aren't totally sure of what they are doing!

This is what it looked like most of the day! Six kids chasing after the ball and then fighting over who actually gets the ball! They have a great time and the coaches do a wonderful job with them! I am so proud of Brett and I know as the season goes on, Hunter will probably join in the fun more!

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  1. I love the great pictures! Thanks for sharing these, Ali. It's hard to believe that the first grandest grandson is old enough to play T-ball. XO