Thursday, April 28, 2011


Our Easter festivities kicked off with a visit to the Easter Bunny! My mom was in town for a few days, so we loaded the kids up and took them to the mall. Brody had no fears and smiled the whole time! He kept bringing the bunny's hand to his mouth to chew on it!! Cute, but yucky!Lucky for Hunter, they had a train set up for children to ride, so once he saw it, there was no hope for him sitting on EB's lap! I tried to tell him he had to ask the Easter Bunny if he could ride, thinking he would sit on his lap! Instead he just walked up to him and said, "Ummm, the train?!" haha Hunter is not big on Santa and apparently he feels the same way about the Easter Bunny!

I had to take a picture of a picture, so it's a little blurry! He was happy as pie on his lap and we had multiple pictures to pick from! It was hard, but we finally picked one and of course spent too much money!

The Easter Bunny worked hard on their buckets and think "she" did a good job! The holidays are so fun with two boys!

Brody's taggie football EB brought him! He loves to chew on the tags and it makes noise when you move it around!

All smiles as usual! We are definitely blessed to have an easy, happy baby!

Hunter is OBSESSED with trains, so he was super excited to see his The Little Engine That Could DVD!

Someone is ready for church! I had so many people ask about Brody's belt! It's attached to the shorts and stops at his hips, so it's not even a true belt! Hunter also wore seersucker shorts! Matchy, matchy- at least while I can!

After church, we went to Viv's for lunch and an Easter egg hunt! This is the bunny cake Viv and Hunter made! They did a great job and Viv told me that her and her mom use to make one every year! I love that she is passing on family traditions to our children!

Cheese! We have finally figured out a way to make Hunter smile at the camera! We say, "Show us your teeth!" This little phrase has worked wonders over the past few weeks as far as being able to capture his big smile on camera!

My favorite picture by far- we're all smiling! They both just giggle when I put Brody on Hunter's shoulders!

I thought we could get a decent picture of us on the couch, but not so much! Hunter wanted to get down and play trains (too busy to take pictures by this point), I have no idea what Brody is doing, so this was about as good as it was going to get!

The sweet hubs! I force him to take pictures even though he hates it and I like this one of us!

My best friend Lori who does all of the boys pictures I have posted on here! Tim, Lori, and Kainaan joined us for lunch and the egg hunt!

The boys watching Hunter's new DVD while we wait on lunch! I first met Lori when Kainaan was ten months old and now he is five! Hard to believe!

Searching for Easter eggs! Hunter worked very hard to get that egg out- I thought he was going to rip it off of the house!

Lori and I hid the eggs and the boys had a good time hunting them! I loved Easter egg hunts when I was little and made my mom hide them multiple times! The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree because Hunter had me hide them again later on that day! We hunted eggs a total of three times!

After the hunt, we decided to let the boys dye some eggs! I know you are suppose to do this before Easter, but time had gotten away. They both had fun and just like last year, Hunter decided to try a sip of vinegar water! He gagged! One day he will learn!

We had a great Easter blessed with family and friends. I loved what one of my friends wrote on her facebook- By His wounds, we are healed! So thankful to serve a risen Savior!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all the pictures and stories. The boys, you and Katie are the sunshine in my life.

    I had such a fun time with you and the grandest grandsons during my visit! I can hardly wait to see you all again in a couple of weeks.

    You are a wonderful daughter and fabulous mommy, Ali. I am blessed you are my daughter. XO

  2. P.S. Your dad always hated having photos taken, too but then would comment how we'd be happy we had them! So keep it up, sweetie.