Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Monkeys at the Zoo!

It's been a while since my last post so I apologize! We've been so busy with family coming in and Hunter's t-ball games that my blog has been neglected. We've had a lot of fun the past few weeks, which included a trip to the zoo!

Brody in his umbrella stroller for the first time! He's such a big boy! Can you believe he is already six months old? Can someone freeze time for me, please?!

The first animal we saw was a bear! He was just a snoozing away in the tree! Too cute!

Hunter looking for more bears! We actually saw three on this day and he was so excited about it!

I think the Sponge Bob popsicle was the highlight of his day though! He was so proud of it and was showing it off to everyone!

Thanks to Swamp People, ( it's a show about alligator hunters on the History channel that Brett loves) Hunter is not afraid of the alligator! He ran right to it and starting touching it and as we were leaving he hollered, "See ya later, alligator!"

My gorilla posing for pictures! He ran right up to this, so I made sure to have my camera ready!

Hunter and I monkeying around! He absolutely loved these and we had to pry him away from them! I have about hundred pictures of him on my camera in these cutouts! ha

I love pictures like this! I can't remember what animal they were looking for- luckily we picked a great day to go because most of the animals were out and in viewing range!

The gorilla running towards us!! I thought he was going to come up to the glass, but he got pretty close! It was neat to watch him.

Family picture time! We had so much fun at the zoo and Brody didn't even make a peep while we were there! He is such a good baby and big brother Hunter made sure to help out- he LOVED pushing the stroller! :)

If only I was looking at the right camera! I love this picture of us and I must be looking at MIL's camera.

Look at that happy face! Such a sweet baby who loves his daddy! :)

I know his eyes are shut, but I love it! He was so happy all day and I could just eat him up!!!

We spent almost four hours at the zoo and then had dinner at O'Charleys! It was a great day and the boys had fun!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We enjoyed church, lunch with family and friends, and an egg hunt! It will be my next post so be watching for it and I promise it won't take as long to put on here!

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