Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nine Months

My poor, sweet baby! We went to the doctor and found out that Brody had a touch of croup. :( We waited for over a hour to see the doctor and fortunately, he went on ahead and did Brody's nine month checkup too! We were scheduled to come back in three days for it, so it was nice not having to make the drive. We drive 45 minutes (because of traffic) to the doctor- crazy, I know, but we really like our pediatrician! He was put on medication, which made a world of difference. Nighttime was the worst and when we would lay him down, he would just cough and cough and cough!
The swing was our saving grace! He would fall asleep in it, sitting up at first! I then could move him easily without waking him up. I felt so bad for him and I knew he was exhausted.

Within a few days, he was feeling much better and playing with big brother, Hunter! He loves to pull up on Hunter's train table! Brody has an important role while playing trains- he's the big, bad, baby monster who is trying to destroy the tracks! I hope they stay friends like this forever!

Look at that mischievious grin! He loves to eat!!! He weighs 17 lbs, 13 ozs and is in the tenth percentile! Tenth percentile?!?! I was shocked because I feel like he is chunky! The doctor reassured me that he was on track and with not feeling well, he probably wasn't eating as much.

Gobbling up his vegetable mac and cheese- thank you, Kraft! He's watching Maddie in this pic! I now have two boys that love to feed our dog!

He loves to feed himself. If I try to put something in his mouth, he reaches for my hand, pulls out whatever I have, and feeds himself! Lunch is starting to get really messy! Wonder why? :)

He drinks from a sippy cup now! He just gulps, gulps, gulps away! I could just eat him up!

Can you say ROTTEN?! He is happy as pie in his booster seat!

Now, he is really making a mess! The bowl ended up in the floor and thank goodness I made him wear a bib!

Here are the rest of the nine month checkup highlights and what he's doing now!

Length: 29 in (75th percentile)

Head Circumference 17.7 in (25th-50th percentile)

Scoots, Creeps, Crawls- he's a busy boy!

Loves to play with Hunter

Pulls up on everything and I mean everything


Tries to wave bye-bye

Says mama, dada, bye

Razzing ( I think that's what you call it)

Loves the swimming pool

Likes to play peek-a-boo

These two boys sure do keep me busy and on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way! We got Hunter's pre-k orientation card in the mail yesterday- :'( Is he really that old?! He also started flag football, so I will have to post pics soon! The boys are growing up too fast and I don't like it! Can we freeze time, please?!

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