Monday, July 25, 2011

Five Years

This past Friday, Brett and I celebrated our five year anniversary! I can't believe it has been five years!!! We had plans to go out of town, but then life happened! We had two sick boys-Hunter had a fever of 100.5 and Brody is going to the doctor today-I'm thinking a double ear infection :(
Luckily, we had gone out on Wednesday night as part of our celebration to the Melting Pot!

As we sat down at our nice, quiet, cozy table (in the words of the hostess), we found this card! All of the staff had signed it and wished us a happy anniversary. It was a nice surprise! We did the full meal which included cheese fondue, salad, meat (shrimp, lobster tail, chicken, sirloin, steak, and pork) with vegetables, and chocolate fondue!

Our ying yang chocolate fondue-half milk chocolate, half white chocolate! The dessert was my favorite!

The dessert plate: rice krispy treats, brownies, pound cake, cheesecake (they put a candle in it when they brought our plate out), strawberries, bananas, and graham and oreo crusted marshmallows

And five minutes later!!! Brett isn't a real big fan of desserts (wish I had that gene) and he even said it was wonderful!

Before dinner, Brett surprised me with this Swarvoski cocktail ring! It matched my dress perfectly! I like that it's chunky and really trendy right now.

Last, but not least, I'm in New York- not really! I always sing the Alicia Keys and Jay Z song in my head when I talk about this! ha We are planning to go to New York this fall as part of our anniversary if everything pans out. I've wanted to go to New York for longest time and Brett suggested we finally do it! I can't wait!!!

Here's to many, many more years with Brett, Hunter, and Brody!!!

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