Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pool Time :)

As we continue on our vacation posts, not only did we enjoy the beach, we enjoyed all of the pools as well! Our condo had plenty of things for the kids to do (three baby pools, sand areas, lazy river) and our view was absolutely beautiful!

Views of the pool area and beach from our balcony! I wish we were still there!

The three boys! Hunter and Kase were helping Brody out with his water hippo!

Brody buzzing around in his bee float! It was nap time-can you tell?!?! Hunter gave him a kiss and said, "All better!" It was a sweet moment!

Catching a wave on his boogie board! Brett and Hunter did this for over an hour!

Back to the pool after lunch! Hunter was full of love for his brother!

What a sweet baby!!! Can you believe he will be nine months old this Friday? It's also mine and Brett's five year anniversary!!

Oh, how I would give anything to be back there! There's just something wonderful about being at the beach!

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