Friday, August 26, 2011

Pre-K Orientation

Hunter had his pre-k orientation on Thursday! Is this really possible?! This time next year he will be in kindergarten! I don't even like to think about it- I'm the one who's not ready!

His pre-k picture for his baby book! He's not much of a baby anymore! While we waited for orientation to start in the sanctuary, Hunter kept saying, "Look at all these friends! I can't wait!" His excitement has definitely calmed my nerves. It's just so hard to let go!

He was so excited about school that he wore his name tag to bed. He keeps telling me that it's time to go to school.

Being silly in Granna's kitchen! She watched Brody while I took Hunter to meet his teachers! I'm one of the lucky few who loves their mother-in-law!

Enough with the pictures! He informed me at this point, it was Brody's turn to have his picture taken!

So here's the Brodster's, as well call him! Love my two, sweet boys! We are soaking up our last few days of summer before Hunter starts school. Pray for him and for me- I think it's harder on us mommies! :)


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  2. I love my grandest grandsons more than anyone can imagine! Prayers for Hunter and YOU for his second year of preschool. Just wait until it's Brody's turn! It was so hard to let you go as my baby, Ali! XO
    removed last post for an edit! BTW, you have a wonderful mother-in-law, Ali! You are very blessed.