Monday, October 10, 2011

Giraffes, Power Rangers, and Cake! Oh my!!!

Halloween is just around the corner and we have been getting ready for it! The costumes and candy have been purchased and now all we lack is a visit to the pumpkin patch!

Sweet Brody in his giraffe costume! I could just eat him up!

The back of the costume is just as cute!

Hunter as the Red Power Ranger! Thanks to Mimi, his Halloween wish came true! He told us he only wanted to be a RPR and I was having the hardest time finding it in his size! Luckily, my mom found it and sent it to him!

Our next Halloween activity was making a confetti cake with Halloween colors! Hunter is stirring the batter here- he loves to cook with me! I call him my little chef!

Working hard and ready to put the cake in the oven!

Ready to go in!

30 minutes later...

With orange icing and Halloween sprinkles! I must admit, it was delicious and gone within a couple of days!

Practicing with the cake for his upcoming birthday! No worries- he has a sweet tooth like his mommy!

Shoving it it!

The next morning, the boys did some yard work to get ready for Brody's party! I walked outside and saw where Hunter brought his wheelbarrow right by Brett's and was working just as hard with his shovel! He loves Brett to pieces and wants to do everything like him!

It's amazing what happens when you are planning a birthday party at your house! We mulched, Brett decided to touch up some things in the house, and now we are PAINTING! We have an open area in our house where everyone will be and yes, it needed to be painted again, but a week before his party?!?! It's crazy what you do because everyone that is coming to his party has been to our house before, but for some reason, on this day, we want it to look PERFECT! I'm sure my next post will be Brody's birthday party- he will be one in a week!!! It's so hard to believe and I tell everyone that this has been the fastest year of my life! From what I hear, it will only go faster now!

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