Friday, September 17, 2010

Hunter's in Preschool!

It's official- Hunter is in preschool! And there is no question about it, I'm the one having the harder time with it! I had my first emotional breakdown of the pregnancy last week when I dropped him off on Thursday! When I picked him up, the teacher told me he had a little bit of a rough day, which only added to my emotions. I was a basket case as the week went on and was dreading yesterday! Good news though- he had a GREAT day!!! Now I can stop giving myself and Brody heart attacks on Thursdays! They worked on the letter B and I received my first artwork for the fridge!

Who knew glued on cotton balls in the shape of a B could be so special?! I am a very proud mommy and plan to continue to show off his artwork!

I'm now (well tomorrow) 34 weeks along! I guess at my last doctor's appointment, she put things into perspective for me! At 36 weeks, if I go into labor, she will NOT stop it! I know this sounds a bit dramatic, but if I go into labor in two weeks, we will have a baby!!! Did I mention his nursery is still a hodge podge, catch all room?! We are going to start working on his room this weekend and I will post pictures when it's complete!

Brody now weighs around five pounds and is about twelve inches long, which is the size of a loaf of bread (head to rump), plus an additional five inches or more in legs! I have an ultrasound in two weeks and I can't wait to see the little guy! I will post pictures of him too! Keep praying for our growing family!

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  1. I'm so glad that Hunter had a good day!! I know the pressure that must take off of you!! Now you can enjoy your time while he's there!!

    Can't believe that we're about to meet baby Brody!! So freakin' excited!