Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 Weeks & a Few Days!

Once again, not the greatest or clearest picture of me, but it will do! I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and Brody is doing wonderful! His heart rate was in 140's and my belly is measuring 29 1/2 weeks!

Excuse the bathroom I am in! You can see the stickers on the towel rack and Hunter's potty chart on the door! Potty training has been a blast- NOT! And doing it while pregnant, makes it double fun! I've had to learn over the past several months that this is one thing he can control and it's not easy for a child to give up something like this! He is doing well with it and we are very proud of him! I'm sure you all wanted to hear all about this :o)

We have Hunter's pre-school orientation tomorrow- tear :0( Is he really old enough?! I am excited for him though and I know it will be great for him to be in a structured/learning environment to prepare him for school. Bring out the tissues for mommy though!


  1. omg! you look GREAT! i was a cow by 30 weeks!!! lol!

  2. You look beautiful, Ali! You will learn to treasure those few hours Hunter will be enjoying in preschool! The real heart-breaker is when your youngest starts school and you forget to eat lunch :o) Love you. XO