Saturday, March 27, 2010

Date Night

Granna Viv (Brett's Mom) usually keeps Hunter one night every weekend. Hunter loves her very much and he doesn't mind a bit to stay with Granna and Toal! Toal a.k.a Coal is Viv's black Lab and Hunter's best friend! It's also nice for Brett and I to have a night to ourselves and to spend time with our friends.

Instead of going out last night, surprise, we stayed in because of my NAUSEA! I finally broke down and called my doctor. She called in a prescription to the pharmacy and it has helped, however, nighttime seems to be the worst for me.

We decided to order O' Charley's to go! The soup, salad, and rolls were delicious and it definitely hit the spot!

Then Brett had the wonderful idea of buying the Blind Side and watching it while we ate! It is one of my favorite movies and I love Sandra Bullock! Sorry the pic is a little blurry! For all of you who have seen it and know me well, I can always quote something from my favorite movies! This is my favorite part- It's when Leigh Anne is looking for big Mike and she encounters some of his old friends. One of the friends threatens that big Mike is going to get his! The conversation eventually gets to the point to where she says, "You threaten my son, you threaten me! You so much as cross into downtown, you will be sorry. I'm in a prayer group with the DA, I'm a member of NRA, and I'm always packing"- as she pats her purse! Love it, Love it, Love it! Also, I must add that I am a Kappa Delta Alum and Collins was a Kappa Delta at Ole Miss! Collins is Leigh Anne's daughter! Just had to give a KD shout out!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are getting ready to take Hunter outside to enjoy this beautiful day!

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  1. Hope your nausea stage passes soon, Ali! You're on the down hill slide of the first trimester so it shouldn't be too much longer. *hug* Happy you were able to have date night at home. Love the quote, love the movie. Love you all xoxox