Monday, June 13, 2011

Diaper Wreaths!!! New Business Adventure :)

Once again, we are having issues with our Internet thanks to Comcast! I've tried posting this several times, but in the middle of it, our Internet would go out! Put it this way, I have the direct number to a supervisor there- it's getting that ugly! Soapbox moment, but onto the post!

I made this diaper wreath for SIL to hang on her hospital door! As you can tell, it's a girl, Kinsley Laine! My friend had made one for me with Brody, so I thought I would try to use my creative skills and make one as well! They live about two hours away and I got numerous comments about it! Even the doctor and nurses raved about it and told me I should start selling them! I'm giving it some serious thought and let me know what you all think or if you would like to buy one! :)

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