Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It Came and It Went!

It came and it went! Christmas went by so fast and we had a lot of fun! I feel like I just put up my decorations and now it is time to take them down! Enjoy all of the pictures from our festivities!

Hunter baking cookies at Granna's house for Santa! He was a big help in the kitchen!

We made cookies, Christmas mix (the white chocolate stuff), fudge, iced cookies, and a Christmas tree cake! Needless to say, it is not helping me lose the rest of my baby weight!

Hunter opening up Lightning McQueen at Papaw's and Nanny's! They also got him a CARS car wash! He played with it the rest of the time we were there!

Brody, Nanny, and his Tickle Me Elmo! He's so alert and really enjoys looking around now!

Edwin (Brett's brother) holding Brody while we get the presents ready at Granna's! The boys were ready to dive into them!

And Brody decides to eat instead of open presents! :) Lea Anne (Edwin's wife) is expecting their second baby due in June! They find out what they are having in January and I can't wait! Maybe she'll break the cycle and have a girl!

Kase and Hunter playing together before they have to head home! We cleaned up Granna's house and headed home to go to bed so Santa could come visit us!

Santa has arrived! "Santa" wanted to take everything out of the box so it would be ready for Hunter to play with, but "Mrs. Claus" convinced him to leave some in the box because she likes how it looks by the tree better! Brody also received a note that his new swing would arrive January 15th! Santa figured it was OK since Brody didn't really know what was going on this Christmas!

What a sweet looking present! We woke Brody up when Hunter got up, so shortly after this, he was out for a nap! He is such a good baby and look at that chubby face! I could just eat him up :)

Hunter admiring all of his new toys! He must have been a good boy this year!
Playing with his new Geotrax Toy Story train! He played and played and played with it all day!

Now it's time to clean up all the chaos and my house is an absolute mess! It is worth it though and we had a great time! Happy Birthday Jesus and we are very thankful for the reason for the season! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

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